Keratin V Tip Hair Extensions Straight Blonde #613, #14c Color Human Hair Vietnam | AZ Hair

Keratin V Tip Hair Extensions Straight Blonde #613, #14c Color Human Hair Vietnam

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Keratin V Tip Hair Extensions Straight Blonde #613, #14c Color Human Hair Vietnam is a bright blonde with mild golden undertones that runs throughout the set. Bold yet elegantly understated, mixed with the natural substance of 100 percent Human Hair, will provide the most intriguing experience for both your appearance and your hair. Allowing you to feel more confident than ever with thicker, longer hair. They are available in the widest range of lengths, and weights, they blend naturally with your own hair and can be easily styled with thermal tools.

Product Descriptions:  

  • Type: V-tip Hair (Keratin Hair Extension)
  • Hair Quality: 100% Vietnamese Human Hair
  • Hair Texture: Natural Straight, and have a natural wave when wet or left to air dry or diffused.
  • Good Hard Bond: The bonded ends are made using excellent Italian Keratin glue, which is gentle on your hair and also provides a good hard bond. It's installed by hot fusion and is durable. A specific solvent allows you to remove the keratin extensions easily.
  • Color: Blonde-#613, #14c
  • Length: 6” - 32”


 The length of our hair depends on the texture you choose. Our straight hair naturally falls longer because it lies completely flat when it’s measured. We measure the length of our curly hair when it is in a straight position because it has more volume for the same weight. The length of our wavy hair texture lies in-between that of the straight and curly.

Note: Ladies here is a chart that gives an estimate of where the inches fall. Since the curly and wavy extensions are processed from straight styles, curly and wavy hair will be shorter by 1″ to 2 ” than straight hair in the same length. 

 This guide will help you to determine where a length will fall when placed at the top of the head. The hair will fall even longer when placed in the nape area.

Step 1: Disparate the hair into two parts

Step 2: Twist the hair as a hank. Encase the hank hair with pre tipped hair

Step 3: Insert a template to protect your hair and fix up

Step 4: Put the hair connector under the hair. Smoothie moved for 3 seconds

Step 5: e-Roll with fingers, and sticky tightly.

How to Shower With V-Tip Hair Extensions?


 When you have hair extensions, you should brush your hair with the Wet/Dry Detangling brush 2-3 times per day. Brushing your hair before stepping into the shower is always a good idea. This will prevent it from tangling while being washed.


 While shampooing, make sure you use a shampoo that has been particularly developed for hair extensions. This will ensure that the hair extensions look as good as possible at all times. There is also a certain technique in which you must shampoo your hair. Begin at the root and work your way downward through the hair. It is not necessary to shampoo to the ends. When shampooing their hair, avoid using a scrubbing or circular motion as this will severely tangle their hair.


 Make sure they are not using a “hydrating” conditioner when conditioning the hair. They simply need to apply conditioner to hydrate their hair from the mid-shaft down. Our leave-in conditioner spray is ideal for any lady who wears hair extensions.


 Brush your hair carefully when you come out of the shower. Then, with a towel, dry your hair. Begin at the top of the hair and work your way down the shaft to the tips. Do not rub the cloth through your hair. This will cause tangles and harm to the hair extensions.


 Apply Heat, Treat + Shine as a protectant to the hair, and then blow it out. This will help to ensure that the hair is shielded from the damage that blow dryer heat can bring. Dry the hair section by part with the blow dryer and brush. This will also minimize the volume of damage that blow dryers can do.

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  • What is V-Tip (Keratin) Hair?

 Keratin hair extensions, commonly known as bonded hair extensions, are individual strands that are glued to your hair with adhesive or microbeads. They’re typically made up of natural hair that’s supposed to match yours without any dramatic transitions and have a sticky substance on one end. In which, V-Tip is a human hair extension shaped like the letter “V” and applied to the hair by heating up. The heating tool melts the Keratin glue between your hair and the hair extension.

  • What is the benefit of Keratin Hair? 

 As previously said, these extensions appear far more natural than many other forms of extensions. They’re also simple to apply and, like other high-quality extensions, offer instant volume and/or length to your hair.

 Another notable benefit of the keratin bond is its longevity. These extensions can last up to six months if installed and cared for properly. As a result, clients will need to schedule fewer maintenance sessions, saving them both time and money. Because they are composed of human hair and have a more natural appearance, wearers can color and heat style their extensions as well as wear their hair up without revealing their secret to lush locks.

  • How long does my hair have to be to have hair extensions? 

 To be able to attach extensions, the hair must be at least 4-5 inches long from the scalp to the end of the hair. However, it’s always best to keep it at least shoulder length to look natural with a head full of extensions.

  • Will people be able to tell that I am wearing extensions?

 Keratin tip hair extensions give your hair by far the most natural look and feel. They are attached to the hair in tiny sections with keratin bonds. They blend in well with your natural hair and are undetectable

  • Where is your hair sourced?

 All of our hair is sourced directly from Vietnam. It’s cut from the hair of Vietnamese women aged 18 to 30, particularly mountainous women. This is the ideal age for women, as this is when the amount of keratin in the hair (the substance that keeps hair smooth) is at its peak. 

  • Can I reuse the hair when I am applying for extensions? 

 Fusion Hair Extensions cannot be reused. Once they’re in, they’ll stay in your hair for about 5 to 6 months before you have to remove them. These will not be used by the stylist again. The longer your hair extensions last, the slower it grows and the less you do to it. After six months of use, you must remove them.

  • Which company do we use to ship the Hair?

 Usually, we prefer FedEx, DHL, or EMS whichever is cheaper to the destination however if clients have any special recommendations we are open to it.

  • How long do the Keratin Hair Extensions last?

 Depending on how well you care for them, these extensions can last up to 6 months. Clients should follow our aftercare protocol to ensure the extensions last.

  • How long do appointments take? 

 Depending on the length and number of extensions required, it may take a couple of hours to carefully install these hair extensions. This application is time-consuming and can take anywhere from 1 hour (pops of color or a few for fullness) to 8 hours for a full head.

  • Do hair extensions damage hair?

 Extensions do not harm your hair; however, incorrect hair extensions, improper application, and a lack of proper maintenance will cause the extensions to harm your hair. As a result, you must go to a hair extensions salon and have the extensions fixed by a professional. The stylist will examine your hair and determine which extensions are appropriate for you. Your hairstylist will also advise you on the best way to secure your extensions. Some methods of attaching extensions may cause damage to your hair. Heavy wefts should be avoided as they can cause damage to your hair.

  • Can I wash and Condition My Hair Like Normal?

 I Tip Hair Extensions are washable and conditionable. The conditioner should not be applied directly to the tab. Conditioner placed above the tabs should be rinsed completely to avoid becoming trapped on the tabs as it slides down your scalp during the rinsing procedure. Conditioner should be generously applied from the mid-shafts to the ends. Always brush your hair through with a natural boar bristle brush before entering the shower.

  • What is Single Drawn, Double-Drawn, Extra Double Hair?

Single Drawn Hair A+ means the extensions contain multiple lengths of hair mixed into the extensions, resulting in hair that is thickest at the top, tapers at the middle, and is thin on the ends.

Double-drawn Hair A++ contains hair that is all the same length.  The hair is thick and full from top to bottom.

Extra Double Hair A+++ This is the best type, ensuring the most fullness with more than 90% hair of the same length.

  • How much does the Human Hair Extension cost?

Vietnamese human hair is affordable compared to other countries due to some reasons :

Experience advantage: Vietnamese human hair is manufactured by firms with a lot of experience and a well-tuned production method. As a result, operating costs are kept to a minimum, making Vietnamese human hair more affordable.

Low labor costs: Labor costs are low due to the high working-age population.

Logistic: Vietnamese hair factories are typically constructed near raw material sources, and Vietnamese human hair is transported directly to the buyer rather than through a third party. Vietnamese human hair is offered at factory price, as opposed to Chinese hair factories that must import hair from India and pay import duty.

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