Nano Rings/Tips are fast becoming the most popular hair extension method on the market today. Owing to this to their tiny size, gentle application, and lightweight feel, we aren’t surprised at their rising popularity. As they are so small, they are super easy to hide in even the finest of hair and cause virtually no damage. Finally, there is a system designed with thin hair in mind that requires ZERO heat and ZERO glue to apply!

 We have covered all the FAQS relating to Nano Ring Fitting and Removal in today’s blog. Cause we understand that It’s crucial to make a fully informed decision before getting Nano extensions and you’ll probably have lots of questions. Here we have brought together some of the most frequently asked questions and answers. If you have a question that isn’t answered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


 Nano tip hair extensions are one of the most popular choices of hair extensions on the market today. Nano tip hair extensions are attached to the hair by using nano rings, which are around 90% smaller than other micro-rings. They create a discreet bond, which makes nano tip hair unobtrusive, seamless, and simple to blend with natural hair.

Yes, Nano Tip Hair Extensions are another wonderful alternative for thin or fine hair. As they are so tiny, they can be placed much closer to the hairline than other permanent hair extensions because they are so well hidden. Being so small and lightweight also means they do not add so much tension to the hair making them the least damaging extension system, perfect for thinner hair.

 No! We strongly advise having installed by a professional extensionist to avoid any damage to your own hair and for the best quality results

 We pride ourselves on selling only high-quality hair. We are committed to providing excellent hair. All of our products are created according to international high-quality standards. This hair has to be healthy human hair and it can’t be damaged. We have only one hair source: local human hair, which is collected from healthy women, especially mountainous women. Due to the healthy lifestyles of Vietnamese women, the hair is highly strong, silky, with no tangles or shedding, and extremely durable. After it has been collected, by bunching the hair, the cuticles of the hair are kept in line during the cutting process, reducing the chances of matting and tangling. Then, it will transfer to a modern production process to create the perfect hair and have to pass the strict test in an impeccable quality control system before shipment. This is the unrivaled strength of AZ hair, which no other supplier can match.

 We have a very high quality of hair compared to all the other seamless lines, yes we tested them ourselves!  Literally. We also have more options available such as wavy hair, and curly hair besides straight hair with custom colors. We pride ourselves on helping you live a beautiful life. That means being happy and looking great! Having GREAT hair makes a difference. We want every woman who has our hair to be 100% in love with their hair-we are hands-on and passionate about beauty because your hair is the crown you never take off.

 AZ’s nano tip extensions can typically be left in your hair for 6 to 9 months, however, they may slip if your hair is extremely soft or oily. They’re a wonderful choice for naturally finer hair because they’re thin and lightweight and don’t add too much weight or strain to the hairline.

 The longevity of your hair extensions is determined by your lifestyle and maintenance techniques. While paying close attention to your extensions can help them last longer, failing to properly wash and handle them can result in the need for a new set sooner.

 Nano rings are designed in a way that makes them completely safe and harmless to hair. The only way that any damage to the hair can occur is if they’re not installed correctly or you pull too hard on the strands. So remember to be a bit gentler when wearing extensions to reduce the risk of damage.

 Nano rings are known to be one of the most secure methods out there. Once the rings are shut tight, there is little chance they’ll detach or slide down. So if you worry about extensions coming off, definitely go for nano rings because you will feel very comfortable wearing them.

Although nano rings need to be reinstalled regularly, you can still use the same set multiple times. The hair itself can last for months so you can reuse it many times. Again, the number of times that you can reuse it depends on the type of hair and how carefully you follow the maintenance tips. To get the most out of the hair, treat it with care. 

 Nano rings are designed in a way that makes them virtually undetectable. They are very tiny, even smaller than micro rings, so they’re much easier to blend with natural tresses. With proper placement, the extension strands will merge with the real ones flawlessly. Nobody wants their extensions showing and nano-rings are perfect for avoiding that.


Benefits of Nano Rings Hair Extensions

1. What Tools Do You Need to Install Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

Nano rings do not need the use of heat or glue to apply or remove them, making the application gentler on the hair compared to other methods. Minimal tools are required.

  • EZ Threader (also known as bead loader)
  • Smooth Jaw Plier (to clamp the nano rings) or HairX Pro Nano Pliers

2. How Are Nano Ring Extensions Applied?

 Your own natural hair is threaded through a tiny metal, silicone lined ring/bead, the tip of the Nano hair extension is then placed inside, and the two are clamped tightly together with pliers securing your own hair in between.

  • First, load your EZ Threader with a nano-ring, then simply thread the bead over the hook so the nano-ring is resting on the stick.
  • Using a sectioning comb, part a small section of hair to prepare to attach your first extension. Using the EZ Threader tool, hook the hair and feed the first bead over the hook, which will feed the hair through the nano-ring.
  • Feed the metal hook from the nano-tip extension into the nano-bead.
  • Place the nano-ring into place, be careful placing close to the root area to prevent pulling delicate hair strands.
  • To hold the extension in place clamp the nano ring ing your smooth-jaw pliers.
  • Repeat the above steps until you have finished the full head application.

3. How many Nano strands do you need for a full head?

 A full head application of Nanos usually requires between 150-200 strands of hair, this is for when you are adding both volume and a lot of length to the hair. Even though we do not recommend using Nanos on very thick hair as it would be extremely time-consuming, but if you do you will need around 250 strands for a natural finish. For a half head application when you are only adding volume to the hair 50-100 strands will be perfect.

4. Where I Can Order Nano Tip Hair Extensions?

 Now that you know all there is to the nano hair extensions, jump to AZ Hair’s product page and select your ideal hair length! Operating in the hair business for decades, AZ Hair Vietnam is one of the most professional and reputable Vietnamese organizations in hair manufacturers and trading natural raw hair, virgin hair, and Asian human hair across the globe.

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