Medium-length haircuts have made it easier for women to choose hairstyles that are neither long nor short. Short and long hairstyles used to be the two main options available, but now, women can comfortably choose to be in between the two. If you’ve been observant, you’d notice that medium hairstyles have taken over and are currently the commonest hair length among women.

Medium Length Hairstyle - New Trend For 2022 & All-time Favorite

 Are you looking for medium-length hairstyles that flatter your type of hair? One of the best ways to flaunt your gorgeous locks lies in one of the many trendy shoulder-length hairstyles that are popular today. With some long layers or soft angled edges around your face, you can have added volume, texture, and movement at the same time.

Medium-Length Hairstyle For 2022

 Before you choose a new styling approach for your hair, you should ask yourself if the haircut will really fit your hair type. Whatever your choice is, it should also be the perfect match for your face shape in order for it to fit you like a glove. Below, you’ll see the best shoulder-length haircuts you can choose from, as well as styling tips.

1. Boho Chic Chick

 These funky waves are bold and daring, and the thick, multi-level bangs rock this retro-chic look with a fun Bohemian flair. This style is very popular among female celebrities that have chosen shoulder-length hairstyles. It gives you a touch of a unique and sassy look.

 Styling Tips: Pull your hair from the far back and add a deep side part to create full, sexy bangs. Then, make large, loose, bouncy, and defined curls. Add a trippy hairband or another funky hair accessory to play up this carefree style.

2. Fancy Flipped Layers

 Fancy flipped layers are among the medium-length hairstyles for thick hair. With feathers starting from the shortest layers just above the cheekbones and a sexy side part, this asymmetrical hairstyle is gorgeous, fun, and trendy at the same time. This look is best if you have an oval-shaped face and thicker straight hair.

 Styling Tips: To style, blow-dry your hair smooth and then curl section by section with a medium-sized curling iron, but flip the ends straight out. If you like, you can also tease the crown to add more height. This style looks great with a deep two-toned balayage effect, so you can go for it in addition to your modern look.

3. Straight Thick Hair

 Thick hair will look awesome if you smooth out your hair. To do so, you can’t do it without a cutting technique that will make your hair more manageable and flexible for styling. Ask your stylist to sharpen the edges of your hair by taking off the extra weight from them. Once your precise haircut is done, let your blowdryer and round brush come in. To make the hair super sleek, lock the style with a cool shot button.

4. Layers Adding Shape

 Shape your hair and look eye-catching all day long. The truth is, all hairstylists love thick hair for they are the perfect base for styling experiments. You can get rid of some weight from your locks, turning them absolutely soft and gentle without fear of the thin hair look. Your hair type looks amazing with any type of layers, always preserving its natural fullness. Here, lightweight texturizing amps up the body, giving it a more alive look.

5. Rounded Medium Length Hairstyle

 When styled right, straight hair texture adds a sophisticated, smart, and a bit sexy finish to a woman’s look, be it her casual, night-out, or business look. What can compare to flawless sleekness that reflects light so intensively that it seems to make people blind? A rounded lob with cascading layers, regular conditioning, and oil-based styling sprays are all you need to wear a masterpiece on your head.

6. Asymmetrical Lob With Waves

 A subtle touch of imbalance is another way to freshen up your look, adding more individuality to it. On lob haircuts, the asymmetrical structure appears less drastic and dramatic than on shorter cuts, while still giving a nice fresh take on the hair. There’s a straightforward and stylish idea to style such a haircut. Prep your hair with a heat protectant and set your curling wand into motion. For a relaxed look, work with thick, long strands, wrapping them loosely.

7. Layered Curly Medium Length Hairstyle

 Not quite waves and not quite curls: the golden mean has been found, finally! This hairstyle is designed for big occasions when you want to be in the spotlight without going too much. For defined and lustrous curls like these, condition your hair and prepare it with curl-defining gel before styling.

8. Messy Wavy Medium Hairstyle

 Though messy looks work awesome for thin hair, giving them a lot of body, fullness, and movement, there’s a messy approach for thick hair too. The point is to wave your medium-length hair as messily and randomly as possible so that each lock is styled in a different direction. In this way, you will calm down your thick locks, creating a stylish silhouette for them.

9. Shoulder Length Blonde Bob

 Shoulder-length hair offers endless possibilities, mainly where the bob is concerned. For each choice, there’s an opposite option. A woman could choose a sleek, symmetrical style with a middle part or a tousled, uneven cut, with a side part. She could opt for smooth, straight ends or light bouncy curls. With product and styling tools, she can oftentimes have it all. This shaggy, layered bob looks even younger and fresher in golden blonde. She can let the ends fall straight or loosely curl them with styling tools or sea salt spray into beach waves for extra bounce and body. The side part with a sweeping fringe gracefully frames her face and emphasizes her striking eyes and lips as the tuck behind her ear adds volume.

10. Inverted Magenta Lob

 Another amazing way to whip your thick tresses into creative shape. Not only does this graduated structure give a lot of dynamics to the hair flow but it also adds more character to the whole look. In addition, an inverted silhouette works wonders, making the heavy texture more lightweight by getting rid of some length on the back and spicing up the cut with soft layers throughout.

11. Updos Hairstyles Low Bun

 Can you style some pretty updos if your hair is shoulder length? Why not. You can go for plenty of wonderful updo hairstyles which won’t ever give out your actual length. Besides, these styles will be perfect for casual looks or formal events!

12. Extremely Feminine Hairstyles

 Medium hairstyles done with a curling iron are super easy to do but super hard to take eyes off. They add a touch of playfulness and tons of volume, not to mention the modern look. Besides that, they look extremely feminine. And last but not least, it is not a secret that men like textured wavy and curly hair.

 There are a ton of great medium-length hairstyles. A fun and funky shoulder-length haircut can include anything from a bob cut to a shag cut or even a bold pixie cut in case you like it short. Furthermore, color adds texture to ordinary haircuts for your faces. Adding a burst of color with a balayage look, ombre colors, bold colorful streaks or even a daring new color with highlights can totally spice up medium-length hairstyles. And there are plenty of hairstyling options that you can easily achieve with the right tools such as curling irons, flat irons, hot rollers, or the right styling products for your haircut.

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