Lace Frontal and Lace Closure are recently becoming one of the hottest hair items in the beauty industry. This is because of their versatility and the flawless way it looks like it’s growing from your own scalp. Both lace frontals and lace closure hair pieces help to complete your look and are great for styling your wigs, weaves, and natural hair extensions. However, making the best choice for which option to go for can sometimes be a tough nut to crack.

 So if you’re looking to invest in a great wig and yet to decide whether to go for a lace frontal or closure, we have got you covered. We’ve put together everything you need to know about lace frontals and closures, the pros and cons too.


I. What is Lace Frontal?

 Lace frontal hairpieces come in sew-in or bonded installations. Lace frontals help you achieve the most natural look for your wigs and hair extensions or can be used to create a more affordable lace wig. They are often 4 inches to the back and 12 to 13 inches across, covering your hairline ear to ear.

 Frontals need very experienced and creative technicians to achieve that close to the perfect hairline, otherwise, you wind up with too full, overly perfect and so unnatural hairline.

II. What Is The Pros and Cons of Lace Frontal?

1. The Pros of Wearing Lace Frontal

The major plus of lace front wigs lies with its attachment along the hairline, ensuring that the drastic difference between your skin and the beginning of the wig is not apparent. Lace front wigs allow your hairline and forehead to align, making it extremely difficult to tell that you are wearing a wig.

a. Less installation time

 Lace frontals are easy to install and often require little installation time than sew-in natural hair extensions. It takes an average of less than one hour to install lace frontal wigs or an hour and a half for extensions with frontals. Installing sew-in natural hair extensions usually take about 2 – 4 hours depending on the desired style. Lace frontals are the go-to option for modern women who want protective styles to protect their natural curls and looking to spend less time getting ready every day.

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b. Variety in Style

 Lace frontals allow you to style your hair however you want. One of the biggest perks of wearing a lace frontal hairpiece is the versatility it offers, which allows you to personally style your wigs or extensions however you want, from ponytails to middle or side parts. Lace frontals give you a natural hairline, so you have the freedom to style your hair as desired. It’s almost like styling your own natural hair!

 Here are some of the hairstyles you can achieve with a Lace Frontal:

c. Lace frontals allow your hair to breathe

 We all know the normal routine of having to wear wigs or sewn-in extensions and experiencing huge discomfort from them during unbearably hot weather. Lace frontals are comfortable to wear on the head and allow a constant flow of air to your scalp and hair.

2. The Disadvantages of Wearing Lace Frontal

a. Lace frontals can damage your hairline

 Lace frontal wigs are usually installed using thread, glue, or lace tape. They last between 2 to 4 weeks without needing a retouch. The longer period of time your lace frontals have to stay installed can make it irritate your skin and severely damage your hairline or break off your edges.

b. Lace frontals can require a lot of work

 The first installation of lace frontal wigs requires a lot of steps to achieve the natural look it has. You will need to do things like bleaching the knots of the wig, tweezing, tinting, plucking, or trimming baby hairs, and installing your wig correctly so you can achieve a realistic hairline.

Here is the step-to-step guide on How to Install Frontal Wig for beginners:


I. What is Lace Closure?

 A lace closure typically comes in 4X4 inches in size and is used to close off your wig or a particular style. They are available in many different styles which include the three-part, free part, and middle part. Three-part closures allow you to part the hair in three different ways while the middle part closures only give you one style option. Free part, however, lets you part your hair however you wish to. Therefore, a free part closure hairpiece is preferred because of the versatility it offers.

 In AZ, our closures are available in many sizes, from 2×4, 2×6, 4×4, and 3×5, to 5×5, 6×6, and 7×7, with reasonable prices in comparison with other closure seamless lines. Thanks to a large number of highly skilled laborers coming up with many advantages of experience in logistics as well as the abundance of high-quality raw materials, our prices for all of Frontal and Closure are always be sold at the factory prices.

AZ Hair are always available in a large number of Lace products with many size
Our skilled laborers are making Lace Closure and Lace Frontal
Our skilled laborers are making Lace Closure and Lace Frontal

II. The Pros and Cons of Lace Closure

I. The Pros of Wearing Lace Closure

a. Lace closures last for longer

 Whether you’re going for a sew-in or lace closure wig, they typically last longer than a frontal, with proper maintenance. Lace closures are more suited for warmer weather. As they don’t require as much gluing and customizing as lace frontal wigs do.

b. Lace closure protects your hair

 With lace closures, you can fix the problem of blending the color and texture of your hair with your weave. You don’t have to apply heat or dye parts of your hair in order to match your weave. Instead, you would only be dying your weave and closure, any color you want, and not any of your actual hair, making the process much safer.

c. Lace closures require little maintenance

 Unlike lace frontal wigs, owning a lace closure hairpiece doesn’t require a whole lot of experience in order to care for and maintain it. The most work you could ever do on lace closure wigs or extensions is washing, conditioning, and styling it. For lace closure wigs and extensions, it technically involves taking it off at the end of the day and putting it back on the next day.

Here is the step-to-step guide on How to Install Closure Wig for beginners:

2. The Disadvantages of Wearing Lace Frontal

a. Lace closures limit your styling process

 Usually, the lace closure doesn’t offer versatility when it comes to styling your wigs or extensions. You are only limited to 3 styles, which are the three-part, free part, or middle part options. Your hair can’t be pulled back into a ponytail using a lace closure.

b. Lace closures don't fit sometimes

 Frontals tend to fit in snugly when you wear them, unlike closures. Having no knowledge of your head size or not measuring it accurately will leave you with a lace closure wig that doesn’t fit perfectly.

c. Lace closures grow out your hair

 If you wear a sew-in lace closure weave or wig, as your hair grows over time, it will grow together with your wig or weave. This usually pushes up your wig or pushes it out of the way, and you would need to do a readjustment of your wig or weave every 4 weeks. That’s a lot of trips to the hairstylist, we know you don’t want to make.

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