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Hair extensions are an excellent method to add volume, weight, and color to your hair. Keratin-tips are the most popular type of hair implantation technique. If you’re considering getting K-tip hair extensions installed, this article is meant to help you understand the fundamentals of keratin extensions and the advantages and downsides of keratin hair extensions.

What exactly is Keratin Hair Extensions?

 Keratin Hair Extensions, commonly known as bonded hair extensions, are individual strands that are glued to your hair with adhesive or microbeads. They’re typically made up of natural hair that’s supposed to match yours without any dramatic transitions and have a sticky substance on one end. Individual extensions are meticulously positioned in rows to ensure that they are constantly covered by your natural hairpieces.



 While there are many different types of hair extensions available, keratin hair extensions are the only true permanent ones. It is a long-lasting hair extension that can last for several weeks or months. You can have the long and beautiful hair of your dreams thanks to the extension.

 In the current market, Keratin Hair Extensions or Fusion Hair are classified into three types:

U TIP: U-Tip is a human hair extension shaped like the letter “U” and applied to the hair by heating up. The heating tool melts the Keratin glue between your hair and the hair extension.

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I TIP: The I-tip is a type of hair extension that uses keratin to keep the hair in place. It consists of small hair tips that come together in bunches. These sections are typically quite small and neatly tucked together.

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V TIP: V-Tip is a human hair extension shaped like the letter “V” and applied to the hair by heating up. The heating tool melts the Keratin glue between your hair and the hair extension.

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Keratin Bound Extensions vs Traditional Hair Extension

The hair is completely real hair. Do you know what this allows you to do? Well, it is very easy it allows you to do anything you need.

Keratin hair extensions, like temporary extensions such as tape-in extensions and clip-in extensions, can be air-dried, straightened, curled, and styled with heat in the same way that your own hair is. Because the extensions are held in place with bonds, you should avoid letting them tangle or “yanking” them. Aside from that, you can style them as usual.


Pros: Versatility 

 Keratin hair extensions are available in a variety of lengths, colors, and textures. If you have straight hair, you can try a curly hair extension. If you have short hair, you may want to consider a long hair extension. To select the occasion, you may use any color or texture combinations.

Furthermore, K-tip hair extensions allow for 360-degree movement, allowing you to style them however you want. Other extension styles require you to style them in a specific way in order to hide the seams or beads. You can confidently wear a sleek ponytail, half-up dos, and other hairstyles with K-tips.

Pros: The nature look

Keratin tip hair extensions give your hair by far the most natural look and feel. They are attached to the hair in tiny sections with keratin bonds. These will contain the same protein found in hair, namely keratin. This means they will have no negative impact on you. They blend in well with your natural hair and are undetectable. When you wear these, you will notice that they blend in perfectly with your natural hair and even add some extra depth or dimension.

The Differences about Tape-in Hair Extensions & Invisible Tape-in Hair Extensions

Pros: Easy application and less heat

 Unlike other types of hair extensions (beaded and tape-in hair extensions), Keratin hair extensions are attached to the client’s natural hair by direct fusion using the “strand-by-strand method.” The technique results in a more natural-looking hair presentation. In comparison to other application techniques, the process is simple to implement. Furthermore, the hot fusion applicator only heats the hair for a few seconds and is not as hot as a standard flat iron, resulting in no hair damage.

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Pros: Low maintenance cost

  With proper care, a properly attached hair extension can last up to six months. K-tip extensions require less maintenance than other types of hair extensions. Unlike the other fitting techniques, this method does not necessitate appointments with a styling professional. You don’t have to worry about them once they’re installed. Simply take care of them as you would your natural hair. After some time has passed, you can make an appointment to have a few strands of hair added to thicken your look.

When it comes to the pros and cons of keratin hair extensions, it will seem the negatives are quite a bit longer. Let’s go over that list again!


Because K-tip hair extensions have a natural appearance, their installation is very intricate, and you should allow plenty of time to complete this task. Depending on the length and number of extensions required, it may take a couple of hours to carefully install these hair extensions. This application is time-consuming and can take about 2 to 4 hours to complete.

Cons: Damage To Your Scalp

  Your scalp can support a lot of hair since it is quite resilient. Your scalp has enough time to adjust to the extra weight caused by hair growth due to the time for hair growth gonna take several months. However, when your scalp experiences an instant expansion of hair due to a hair extension, it pulls on your scalp, causing damage and irritation. An extension, on the other hand, can cause damage to your hair, depending on how you attach the extension to your natural hair. A tight braid will damage the hair’s roots.

Cons: Cost

 A good keratin hair extension is not cheap, especially a quality extension that is natural-looking and comes with the least amount of damage. Remember this is real human hair and it is being glued to your head to give you a fashion, so you do not want to go cheap. However, the product’s cost may depend on the method of attachment, market in the area, and how much hair you require. In AZ Hair, you completely can find for yourself high-quality Keratin hair that is made 100% by human hair at the most reasonable prices.

Cons: Not reusable 

 The hair extension is used only once. These are bonds that cannot be reused. They will stay in your hair for about 1 to 2 years, depending on how well you care for them. The longer the extensions last, the slower your hair grows and the less you do to it. You will have to remove them after one to two years of use.

That is a list of the pros and cons of bonded extensions. What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever tried them? If so, please contact us and let us know what you thought of them.

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