It’s important to make a fully informed decision before getting Keratin hair extensions and you’ll probably have lots of questions. Here we have brought together some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.
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Depending on how well you care for them, these extensions can last up to 2 years. Clients should follow our aftercare protocol to ensure the extensions last.

Keratin tip hair extensions give your hair by far the most natural look and feel. They are attached to the hair in tiny sections with keratin bonds. They blend in well with your natural hair and are undetectable.

Depending on the length and number of extensions required, it may take a couple of hours to carefully install these hair extensions. This application is time-consuming and can take anywhere from 1 hour (pops of color or a few for fullness) to 8 hours for a full head.

To be able to attach extensions, the hair must be at least 4-5 inches long from the scalp to the end of the hair. However, it’s always best to keep it at least shoulder length to look natural with a head full of extensions.

Fusion Hair Extensions cannot be reused. Once they’re in, they’ll stay in your hair for about 1 to 2 years before you have to remove them. These will not be used by the stylist again. The longer your hair extensions last, the slower it grows and the less you do to it. 

Extensions do not harm your hair; however, incorrect hair extensions, improper application, and a lack of proper maintenance will cause the extensions to harm your hair. As a result, it’s critical that you go to a hair extensions salon and have the extensions fixed by a professional. The stylist will examine your hair and determine which extensions are appropriate for you. Your hairstylist will also advise you on the best way to secure your extensions. Some methods of attaching extensions may cause damage to your hair. Heavy wefts should be avoided as they can cause damage to your hair.

A good keratin hair extension is not cheap, especially a quality extension that is natural-looking and comes with the least amount of damage. However, the product’s cost may depend on the method of attachment, market in the area, and how much hair you require. In AZ Hair Company, you completely can find for yourself high-quality Keratin hair that is made 100% by human hair at the most reasonable prices.

Keratin hair extensions are attached to the client’s natural hair by direct fusion using the “strand-by-strand method.” The technique results in a more natural-looking hair presentation.

Tips for the Keratin hair extension using:

  • Keratin bonds should be kept at least 1cm away from your scalp.
  • Use these extensions with caution. Overdoing it can cause damage to your hair.  
  • Keratin hair extensions are not a do-it-yourself project. Always go with a reputable hairstylist. Cheap jobs can permanently damage your hair.
  • Make sure to only pull the extensions in the correct direction.
  • Keep your hair extensions at least 5 cm away from your hairlines and crowns. These hairs (due to their fineness) can be damaged and may be visible if attached any closer.
  • Keep a 1cm gap between the bonds to prevent strands from becoming tangled.
  • Maintain a density of 1g per strand. Any more may cause your hair to become too heavy.
  • Avoid experimenting with the extensions. It may cause stress to your scalp.


Although keratin bond extensions can last for a long time, they are not indestructible. These are non-damaging extensions, but they must be properly cared for in order to protect both them and your natural hair.

  • You should wait two days after having your extensions installed before washing your hair. Cool water is your ally, while harsh tools are your adversary. Wash your hair 3-4 times per week; washing your hair every day can shorten the life of your extensions. DON’T WASH YOUR HAIR STRONGLY OR UPSIDE DOWN. 
  • Use the recommended shampoo with quality sulfate-free products and conditioner. These shampoos are not moisturizing and are used just to clarify the scalp. Moisturizing shampoos have the potential to cause the bonds to slip. To keep your hair healthy and strong, use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner with high protein content. HOWEVER, DON’T APPLY CONDITIONER TO THE SCALP (directly on extension bonds). Apply conditioner only to the ends of your hair.
  • Use the extension recommended brush. Normally, these brushes do not have the little bulbs at the end of the bristles that get tangled in the hair. Brush your hair with an extensions brush on a daily basis to prevent matting. Tangle-free hair extends the life of your extensions and keeps your hair healthy. Brush your hair thoroughly and gently with an extension brush at least once a day to remove any knots or tangles. Brush the roots gently to avoid damaging the bonds and DON’T brush extensions in the shower. Tensioning extensions while the bonds are still wet can cause them to loosen. A special brush that allows you to brush your hair without damaging the bonds or pulling at the roots is known as an extension brush. Purchase an extension brush online or at a beauty supply store. There are numerous sizes, shapes, and styles to select from!
  • Before showering or going to bed, completely dry your hair and extensions. This helps to avoid matting and tangling. To avoid mold growth and scalp issues, thoroughly dry your hair. After washing your hair, always blow-dry it on a low heat setting. Allow your hair to air-dry partially before finishing with a blow dryer if you want to limit your use of heat styling tools. Make sure to dry your hair’s roots as well. Furthermore, DO NOT apply direct heat to bonds with a flat iron, blow dryer, or hot round brush.
  • When styling your hair, always use a thermal protector; this will extend the life of your extension hair and give you a better chance of reusing extensions in the future. Additionally, style your hair as usual with lightweight styling products. Keratin extensions can be styled just like your natural hair, so experiment with different looks! Gel, mousse, and other styling products are acceptable but choose a lightweight, oil-free formula. Keratin bonds can be weakened by heavy product buildup and oils.
  • To avoid tangling and matting in the root area, sleep with extensions in two side braids or a high ponytail. Wet hair and extensions should never be slept on because they can cause matting.
  • Avoid saltwater and chlorine. You should not swim with your extensions in place, and you should rinse your hair frequently or as soon as you leave the beach or pool, or you should put your hair in a high ponytail or braided bun. Furthermore, to avoid damaging the keratin bonds, dry your hair immediately after showering.

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