While we always recommend visiting a trained professional for the removal of your hand-tied weft hair weft extensions. Sometimes needs must and you need them out sooner rather than later. If you must take your hand-tied weft extensions out at home, then please take care and follow the step-to-step guide showing how to safely remove hand-tied weft hair extensions at home.

How To Safely Remove Hand-tied Weft Extensions at Home?

I. How To Remove Hand-tied Weft Extensions?

 In order to remove your hand-tied weft extensions, you will need a friend to carry out the removal and the following tools: Narrow Pointed Scissor (Hairdressing scissors are ideal if available), Narrow Pointed Pliers (Hair extensions pliers are ideal if available), a pin tail comb, 1-2 hair clips.

Hand-tied Weft Hair Extensions: Everything You Should Know
Must-have Tool For Hand-tied Weft Extensions

 Keep in mind that never attempt to cut your weft yourself. You cannot see what’s going on at your back and you could not hold the mirror while using 2 hands for this job. Be warned!

Removing Your Hand-tied Weft Extensions

Step #1: Separate Actual Hair Vs. Hand-tied Weft Extensions

How To Safely Remove Hand-tied Weft Extensions at Home?

 The most efficient way to remove hand-tied weft hair extensions is to remove them row by row or in this case: weft by weft. Start by making sure you can access each individual strip of weave hair. Always begin at the bottom of the back of the head, nearest the nape. If you have separate wefts on the side of the head – leave these til the last. Once you have sectioned out your first weft, clip away the excess hair.

Step #2: Carefully Cut Thread From the Weft to Micro Rings

 Using your scissors, carefully cut the thread attaching the weave to the micro rings. It is best to cut the straight length of weave thread between each crisscross. Once you have cut the thread between each microring, use your pin tail comb to slowly ease away the thread.

Step #3: Loosen the knot by the tail of the comb

How To Safely Remove Hand-tied Weft Extensions at Home?

 You may find it a little trick to undo the securing knot at the end of hand-tied weft extensions. Carefully insert your scissor into the knot, to snip the thread. You may need to use the tail of the comb to loosen the knot a little. Take the utmost care not to cut the actual hair.

Step #4: Snip the Straight Sections

 Continue to snip the straight sections of thread all the way across the weave.

Step #5: The weave hair should now be easy to lift away from the head.

Step #6: Loosen the Securing Stitches

 Again use the tail of the comb to loosen the securing stitches so that you can safely insert the scissor to snip the weave thread.

Step #7: Snip The Securing Stiches

How To Safely Remove Hand-tied Weft Extensions at Home?

 Gently snip through the securing stitch. Take the utmost care not to cut the actual hair.

Step #8: Ease the Thread Away

Step #8: Ease the Thread Away

 Use the tail of the comb to ease the thread away from weave hair so that the weft can be detached completely.

Step #9: Squeeze the ring in the opposite direction

 Once you have safely removed the hand-tied weft hair extensions, use your pliers to gently unclamp the micro rings. Carefully squeeze the ring in the opposite direction to which it has been clamped, once loosened, you will be able to slide them from your hair. Keep in mind that DO NOT over squeeze or it will crumple and be difficult to remove. Apply just gentle pressure.

Step #10: Remove The Rings

 The loosened micro rings should be easily down the length of hair removal. Discard this ring and Do Not reuse or be tempted to push the rings further up.

Step #11: Removing excess by hand

How To Safely Remove Hand-tied Weft Extensions at Home?

 After you have removed all of the micro rings, you may notice little clusters of old hair above where the rings had sat. Do not panic, this is completely normal. You should naturally shed up to 150 hairs daily from your head. Hair that would naturally fall away during brushing/ washing is held by the ring, you will need to brush this away (as happens at any maintenance/removal appointment). Using your finger, gently praise apart from the hair, removing any excess.

Step #12: Unpick any tangles with the tail of the comb

How To Safely Remove Hand-tied Weft Extensions at Home?

 If you are struggling, use your comb to gentle unpick any tangles

Step #13: Fingers → Tail → Teeth

 Once pull apart you will now be able to comb your hair. Don’t be tempted to straight in with a comb to brush, this can cause tension and breakage. Any knot can be teased apart gently by fingers then the tail of the comb first before any contact with the teeth of the comb!

Step #14: Maintain for the next appointment

 Finally, when the weft is removed and your hair is combed. Make sure you keep the weft safe, if you want to reinstall the weft at a later time – make sure you cleanse and wash the hair before the appointment.

II. How To Maintain Your Hand-tied Weft Hair Extensions

 Taking care of your new Hand-Tied Weft Extensions at home can be a little bit of an adjustment, but don’t let that scare you! With a little extra care and attention, particularly on wash day, you’ll be used to your new routine in no time.

1. Brushing

 Using a crocodile clip, gather your bottom row and all of your natural hair above it and clip it on top of your head. This will allow you to freely brush and detangle your natural hair below your bottom row all the way to the scalp. Then, let your bottom row down and gather all the hair above your bottom row into the clip on top of your head. Holding the top of the row with your hand or fingers, carefully brush your extensions from the ends working your way up to the top of the row, being very careful not to snag your brush over the top of the row where it is attached to your head.

* If you have a second row, you’ll want to first make sure to brush + detangle your natural hair between your rows before letting your top row down to brush it.*

2. Cleansing + Conditioning

a. Washing

 Before washing, always thoroughly detangle your hair section by section using the instructions above. In the same way that you sectioned your hair to brush it, you will section it to shampoo, so take your clips into the shower with you! Gently shampoo your scalp below, between, and above your rows with sulfate- and paraben-free shampoo and lukewarm water.

b. Conditioning

 Once you have shampooed and rinsed, gently squeeze the excess water from your hair and apply a small amount of conditioner and work it through the ends of your extension hair and natural hair, avoiding getting conditioner near the top of the row, as it may encourage slipping at the attachment points, and it will be difficult to rinse thoroughly.

 Use a wide tooth comb or your detangling brush to gently distribute the conditioner through your hair, and leave it on for up to 5 minutes or more. Be sure to completely rinse all conditioner from your hair.

3. Drying + Styling

 Gently squeeze out the excess water and blot your hair with a cotton towel. Use a detangling brush to detangle and straighten hair while extensions are still damp, starting from the bottom up. Again, it may be best to section your hair if you have more than one row. Then gently dry your hair on medium heat until it is almost completely dry before using any brushes. You may use a round brush or boar bristle brush and very gentle tension to smooth your hair and the extension hair for the last few minutes of your blow-dry.

III. Where Can I Buy Hand-tied Weft Hair Extensions?

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Hand-tied Weft Hair Extensions: Everything You Should Know
Hand-tied Weft Hair Extensions: Everything You Should Know

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