Hair extensions do not last forever. When they get tangly and ratty, you know it’s time to replace them. However, your old hair extensions aren’t utterly useless. Stop giving up on your extensions thinking they are not worthy of one more try. It’s time to let this go when in actuality you just didn’t know the endless possibilities you could do with old hair. Before we get into your alternatives, the first stage in recycling and reusing your old tracks is the revival, sometimes known as “bringing your extensions back from the dead”.

revive hair extensions

Bringing Your Tracks Back From The Dead

 Normally, we do not want to deal with trying to reverse our tracks back to life because we think we can’t. Don’t misunderstand that all of them can reuse. Some hair is dead and not able to be used again, but I see too many times where it’s revivable, and we could save money if only we knew proper alternatives for this problem. To be honest, the only reason to remove tracks should be shedding or hair that isn’t of good quality. Dryness and loss of shine can be resolved with specific hair care products designed to help repair your weaves and allow you to recycle, but we’ll get to that later. Right now, I’m going to show you how to correctly wash your tracks, which will enable them to revitalize.

Proper Washing

 There are a few different ways to wash your bundles, but the most important thing to remember is to always condition first, then wash. I’ll say it again: condition first, then wash!

proper washing

 When you condition your bundles first, you provide the nutrients that your hair requires. After washing, it retains the nutrients that made your extensions silky while removing the weight of the conditioner. We wouldn’t be able to remove as much weight from the hair if we washed first and then conditioned. You can just do two conditions with your bundles and two washes, or you can boil them to bring those tracks back to life. Yes, you heard me correctly! Put a pot of conditioner and water on the stove and let your tracks simmer on low for 20-25 minutes. It returns the body to your packages! Once you’ve done them, do another wash and let them air dry.

Products To Restore Your Extensions

 Believe it or not, there are products available to assist you to care for your hair extensions and maintaining and restoring the quality of the hair so you can reuse them in the long run!

We frequently use shampoos containing sulfates and parabens, not realizing that they strip the hair extensions of their natural oils and cause splitting sooner than using the right shampoo for extensions. Try a sulfate-free shampoo. Do your research on some shampoos and conditioners that may work best for your extensions.

 Nutrient Products Products with Vitamin E, argan oil, wheat protein, and tea tree oil help nourish your extensions without adding too much weight after washing them thoroughly. Try looking into organic shampoos and conditioners like a thorough coconut milk conditioner treatment. 

You can refer to articles to references the best hair care product on a low budget and on a high budget.

Turning Your Frontals into Closures

 After wearing your frontal, time and time again, you may think it’s trash, but have you ever thought of a resolution for your frontal? Once your frontals are worn out, feel free to turn them into a convenient closure. Use your mannequin head to pin your frontal down, part the frontal into the width you desire for your closure, and cut where parted. Boom, a classy closure for your style of choice. I know…you didn’t even think of that. Well, trust me, this is about to get a lot more interesting!

Turning Old Hair Extensions into Clip-in

 Clip-ins are an excellent resource for adding the volume you long for while still giving off a realistic look. Yes, you can turn your old hair extensions into clip-ins. You can buy clips, and it’s quite easy to make them at home. You can get these items at your local beauty supply. Supplies you would need:

  • Hair Clips
  • Thread (hair or clothes thread)
  • Needle

 After properly washing your tracks discussed previously, you cut the widths you would like to expand your hair. If you want to add volume to the back of your hair, take the old track piece and measure from one end of the head to the other. The clip-in pieces that you buy will have holes at the top of them where you will use the thread to secure the track onto the clip. The number of clips you will need for one track piece will depend on the width of the track. You want to have a clip-on on both ends of the extensions, but if too broad you may need one or two clips in the middle.

Turn Clip-in into Bun

 If you like the look of a bun but don’t like your hair’s lack of volume, use your old hair extensions to create a super bun. You’ll need old hair extensions, a hair donut, bobby pins, and hair ties.

 To create the extension donut, clip the hair wefts into the donut somewhere in the middle. Twist the hair so it is easier to pull through the center and spread the extension to cover the donut. Keep wrapping until you run out of hair and secure with a bobby pin. Repeat with other clip-in hair extensions until the doughnut is completely covered or you achieved your desired thickness.

 To attach the donut to your hair, pull your hair into a ponytail. Pull the ponytail through the center and splay the hair to cover the donut. Place a hair tie around the hair at the base of the hairpiece to secure it. Twist the ends of the hair around the bun and secure it in place with bobby pins.


colored hair

 If you have tracks that are old and not chemically processed with color, this is your chance. Your extensions are already used so the damage from the chemicals won’t really matter. Once your extensions have air-dried, feel free to play in color and mix it up a little bit. Go blond or red or even rainbow colors like blue, pink, or purple. Bleaching Your Extensions Bleach your extensions first to achieve the color you want. Even if you are not a fan of color, just give it a try. You can make a wig out of colorful hair extensions you have, that allows you to take it on and off when ready.

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