While your hair can grow healthy and strong with the right routine and products, achieving naturally-thick strands is a completely different story. Thanks to our genetics, some of us are blessed with thick hair, but some of us aren’t so lucky. If you’re the latter, then you know the struggles that having thin hair brings, especially when it comes to styling.  Boosting the appearance of thin hair is all about faking the illusion of density and fullness and there are many different ways to do that. Whether that be with your hairstyle or with the practices that make up your hair care routine, you don’t need expert skills to pull them off. So, if you’re ready to transform your limp, lifeless strands into a bouncy, full head of hair, check out these 5 tips on how to make your thin hair look fuller.

I. The Differences Between Thin Hair And Fine Hair

 Many people are perplexed by the distinction between Thin and Fine hair; it’s a contentious subject because different hairstylists have differing opinions on it. In general, “Thin hair” refers to the number of hairs on your head (density), whereas “Fine hair” refers to the texture and size of the actual hair strand. We have compiled all of our research and knowledge into three simple definitions of these hair types.

  • Thin Hair: This refers to hair density, which means that there aren’t many or few hairs on the head. You may be able to see your scalp through your hair, and you may have more severe areas of excessive thinning or hair loss. Thin hair is often wispy and sparse at the ends.
  • Fine Hair: This refers to the texture and size of the individual hair strand. Fine hair is smaller and thinner than other types of hair, as well as softer and weaker. Fine hair is easily damaged and cannot withstand a great deal of weight or chemical treatment. Because fine hair refers to texture/size rather than density, you can have a lot of fine hair and it does not imply that your hair is thin.

 With a combination of the two, it is very common to have both thin and fine hair. This is because as fine hair is weaker and easily damaged the hair can break and cause hair to seem thin.

II. How To Make Your Hair Look Fuller

 So, if your flat hair drives you to despair, read on to discover some tricks to make your hair look fuller.

How To Make Your Hair Look Fuller #1: Blow-Dry

 If you have fine hair, you know exactly what I’m talking about. My fine-haired friends, you don’t have to worry about lifeless and limp hair anymore! Let’s begin at the beginning: our first tip on how to make your hair look fuller is to perfect your blow-drying technique.

Tips To Make Your Hair Look Fuller #1: Blow-Dry

 The right blow-drying technique will plump up the hair shaft, creating maximum volume where you need it most – at the roots – then you’ll finish with your blow dryer and a round brush to achieve beautiful volume with a smooth and polished finish.

Let's learn how to blow dry:

Step #1: Take The Nozzle Off

 Fine hair needs to be roughed up. While your hair is still damp, remove the nozzle from your blow dryer and rough dry or “blast dry” your fine hair without using a brush. Removing the nozzle will cause the hair shaft to fatten up and since the hair cuticle is expanding … we are adding volume and texture! Continue to blast dry the hair until your hair is approximately 80% dry.

Step #2: Apply Your Styling Product(s)

 After your hair is about 80% dry, we recommend using Redkens Aerate 08 All-Over Bodifying Cream Mousse to add extra volume. Apply the product from back to front, where there is more mass of hair, creating a less weighted-down finish.

Step #3: Blow Dry With The Nozzle On To Finish

 Place the concentrator nozzle back on your dryer, pick up your thermal round brush (excellent for fine hair), and finish setting the volume in your crown area. Continue to round brush until your hair is completely dry.

How To Make Your Hair Look Fuller #2: Make Waves

 An inconvenient truth: when styled straight, fine hair can look flat, thin, and straggly. Fortunately though, switching the straighteners for curling tongs can produce amazingly full-looking results. To get a thick, wavy coif to be proud of, we recommend using large-barrel curling tongs like the 38mm Babyliss Pro Curling Tongs. To keep frazzled strands at bay, always remember to prep your locks with a heat protectant spray before curling. When you’re done, run your fingers through your newly-created waves for an instantly fuller-looking hairstyle – no matter what length of hair you have!

How To Make Your Hair Look Fuller #3: Roll up

Tips To Make Your Hair Look Fuller #3: Roll up

 If you want to make your hair look fuller, be sure to work away from your face when winding your hair around your rollers for ultra-flattering, thick-looking results.

How To Make Your Thin Hair Look Fuller #4: Go lighter

Tips To Make Your Hair Look Fuller #4: Go lighter

 Getting highlights is a lesser-known way to make your hair look fuller! Not only does peroxide serve to swell hair strands to roughly double their original thickness, but the blend of different hair shades will also add dimension and texture to your mane and help to make your hair appear fuller, too.

How To Make Your Thin Hair Look Fuller #5: Add Extensions

 Last but certainly not least, if you want to make your hair look fuller in a flash, our Superior hair extensions can work hair-plumping miracles. Amazingly discreet and available in a wide range of shades and lengths, no one will ever guess that your newly voluminous hair is anything but your own!

 With these tips on how to make your hair look fuller, you’ll never have to suffer the indignity of limp, straggly strands again. Do you have any of your own tips on how to cheat thicker-looking hair?

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