When it comes to extensions, there is no doubt to say that they give you a feel like a whole new person with the rock unexpected cuts and colors. If you’re a lover of thick and voluminous hair that has a sleek and natural look, tape-in hair is the best choice for you. However, tape-in extensions are still considered to be pretty new, so not everyone knows how to install them, so HOW TO INSTALL THIS TYPE OF EXTENSION? Scroll down and find out it!

What is tape-in hair? 

Tape-in extensions, as the name implies, stick to the hair’s root with medical-grade tape – the kind that’s used to repair wounds and surgical incisions. The outcome is an instantaneous, nearly unbreakable link that ensures your hair will not move.

 Many famous hairstylists are keen on and become big fans of Tape-in hair extensions as Hairstylist Rodney Cutler of Cutler Salon and Redken brand ambassador. Cutler says “The advantages of tape-in extensions are endless, They’re exceedingly simple to apply and remove, don’t harm your hair, and look more natural because their bases are almost entirely flush on the head, whereas other types have broader bases that protrude.”

How to install Tape-in hair extensions?

Tape-ins brought the average time for getting extensions down from several hours to as little as 30 minutes. This process includes some steps. Let’s check!


 This is the most crucial stage in the tape-in extension installation process. The tape won’t stick as effectively if you don’t prepare it properly, and the extensions may slip out. As a result, this is not a step to be skipped.

  Extensions will last longer if you apply them to clean hair, so before you begin, wash and dry your hair as you normally do. Because when you’re trying to adhere to the wefts, if your hair is unclean, they’ll come out faster, and usually at the worst possible time. Let imagine that while you’re standing about with your pals, running your fingers through your hair, and all of a sudden a huge patch appears in your hand. I’m pretty sure that it’s not good far-sighted.


Starting at the bottom of your head and working your way up is the most efficient method. Make a horizontal section about an inch from the nape of your neck with your finger or a comb. Using a comb, part your hair evenly. Pull the top half up and secure it, leaving the bottom half hanging down. You can use a hair tie or hair clips to secure all the hair above the part line. The extensions will be applied near the part’s line. The clips will be hidden by your higher hair in this manner.

STEP 3: Take a “VERY” thin section of your hair and gather it. 

Take note of how the word “VERY” is emphasized. The hair in this region will be sandwiched between two extensions. The adhesive “tape” on the top extension must touch the adhesive “tape” on the bottom extension in order for the two to stick together. Grab a very thin strand of hair from the hair below your part line about the length of one extension. Make sure the hair is thin enough your fingers can feel one another through the hair. Make a nice even portion with your comb that is as wide as one of your extension wefts.


Lay the bottom extension tab sticky side up underneath the thin slice and the top extension tab sticky side down on top of the narrow slice with a thin slice of hair (no more than 1-2 strands thick). For about 20 seconds, firmly press the top and bottom wefts together. Simply double-check that they’re connected to each other so that water doesn’t get between them and force them out while you’re showering.


You can use heat to help seal the two tapes together once they’ve been firmly pressed together.

A flat iron is the finest tool for this. Lightly and quickly press the tapes between the flat iron. If you press on them for too long or too hard, the tape can melt or the wefts will burn.

STEP6: Repeat

Repeat steps till fully installed

Here is the tutorial video on How to apply for tape-in hair extension.


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