People nowadays spend a lot of attention on their hair, which has a big impact on how they look. When it comes to extensions, there is no doubt that they make you feel like a completely different person with their rock unexpected cuts and colors. You want to choose a good and dependable hair vendor for yourself, but there are far too many options? Don’t worry — we’re here to help you make the right choice. Armed with a little knowledge, you can find the best wholesale vendor for yourself.

Hair Supplier

Overview of Hair Supplier

 First of all, let’s take a look through the source of hair extensions – hair suppliers in a general view!

 Hair suppliers can be found all over the world in a variety of settings. The 3 biggest wholesale hair vendors on the planet are Asian, European, and South American. As a result, hair from specific locations is typical of higher quality and more popular than hair from other locations. Our observations and analyses are detailed below.

Hair Suppliers – Sources of Hair

Top 3 Asian wholesale hair suppliers' hair sources

  1. Chinese wholesale hair suppliers

 Chinese wholesale hair suppliers are one of the most well-known wholesale hair suppliers in the world, particularly in Asia. They have rather consistent sources of hair with a certain level of appeal. Their hair comes from two sources: Chinese women and Hair imported from other countries.

 Chinese women’s hair, however, is now increasingly decreasing. Only a few Chinese women in rural or mountainous areas sell their hair for a living these days. In terms of the quality of local Chinese women’s hair, it is not very good. Due to the fatty diet and the unusually cold climate, the original hair is frequently thin, fragile, and prone to tangling or shedding. As a result, restyling, processing, and taking care to extend the lifespan are difficult.

Chinese hair suppliers: Hair from local women

 Hair imported from other nations is becoming the primary supply of Chinese wholesale hair suppliers manufacturers. The main suppliers of hair resources to Chinese hair manufacturers are from adjacent nations such as India, Cambodia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, among others. These types of hair are also of poor quality. Some of the listed suppliers’ hair quality will now be clarified.

2. Indian wholesale hair suppliers

 Indian Wholesale hair suppliers are Asia’s second most well-known wholesale hair vendor supplier. Indian hair is 100% local human hair that is plentiful and inexpensive. More specifically, Indian hair is derived from two main sources: Temple hair and Hairballs.

Hair Sources of Indian Hair Suppliers

 Temple hair is hair that has been collected from the temples. Every year, Hindus go on pilgrimage to temples to show their veneration. They have a custom of praying, they shave their heads and sacrifice their hair. This hair will subsequently be gathered and sold to hair suppliers at a low cost.

Indian hair Suppliers – Temple Hair

 Indian hairballs are also Indian human hair. However, the sources collected are not clean, from the habit of picking up hairs falling out of Indian women to the hair collected in the public bathrooms. Then, by collecting the aforementioned two forms of hair “trash” to dry and clean, hair suppliers might give it a new name – Hairball.

Indian Hair Suppliers – Hairballs

3. Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers

 Vietnamese hair suppliers steadily developed and are now fully capable of producing their own hair extensions and have become prestigious suppliers to many hair resellers all over the world. Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors have only one hair source – Local human hair, which comes in two varieties: Virgin Hair and Remy Hair.

Virgin Hair (2)
Hair Sources of Vietnamese Hair Suppliers

 Virgin Hair is obtained by purchasing directly from women, who are mostly from high mountainous places and ethnic minorities. Because of the healthy lifestyles of the locals, the hair is always of high quality and is the best version of virgin hair. Vietnamese virgin hair is hair that has never been styled, colored, or bleached. It signifies that the hair is silky, smooth, and supple, that the cuticles are well maintained, and that the restyling capability is exceptional.

 Hair wholesalers also purchase Remy Hair, which is then cut or shed in homes or hair salons. This hair type is not particularly qualified, and the hair is rather disorderly as a result of combining the hair of many women. However, after rearranging the hair, the cuticles can be preserved and the quality is excellent.

Hair Sources of European Wholesale Hair Suppliers

UK hair is often natural blond in color and of great quality. The natural color is collected from native people, and some are imported as well.

 Local UK Hair is extremely rare and expensive. Few people accept to sell their hair for money despite having a good standard of living. As a result, this type of hair is extremely scarce.

 Imported Hair is that of Asian countries. Because its natural color is black, the hair must be bleached beforehand. If the source is qualified virgin hair, the bleached hair will be of high quality as well.

UK Hair Suppliers Hair

Hair Sources of South American Wholesale Hair Suppliers

Latin America as a whole is a massive market for wholesale hair suppliers. Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina are the top hair providers. The majority of the hair, in fact, is Chinese hair, which is named after these countries. This enables such a common hair type to become distinguished and high-quality. As a result, hair prices are substantially higher than usual.

South American Hair Suppliers Hair

Tips To Find High-quality Hair Vendors

 When purchasing hair, it is critical to take the time to conduct research. There are numerous hair providers on the market nowadays. As a result, it is critical to research hair providers before making a purchase.

  • Get to know the hair vendor

 Do some study to discover a decent hair vendor; it may take some time for you to go on the internet and visit websites, as well as see some news on social media. But it is necessary to do so once you want to spend your money on good quality products. There are many companies that sell hair weave and hair extensions nowadays, but not all of them sell Virgin Remy hair, some sell synthetic hair, some sell Non-Remy hair, and so on. This phase will assist you in determining the best hair provider for you.

  • Read the feedbacks

 Furthermore, there is another simple way to assist you to choose a trusted hair dealer, and that is to read client reviews. It will be a highly useful method of locating dependable hair sellers. Customers will express their genuine opinions and remarks about the things they have purchased, and you will be able to tell whether you should buy them or not. After that, you can decide whether or not to trust the vendor, and you will feel more confident while placing an order.

  • Narrowing your search to find a good hair vendor

 Locate a hair merchant who sells high-quality hair. Don’t take a chance by going with the cheapest seller. You should be focused on acquiring high-quality hair rather than choosing the lowest-priced seller.

  • Read the fine print

 Do they offer a guarantee? What are their terms of sale? Good hair vendors with the best wholesale hair bundles will have all this information displayed on their websites. Returns and exchanges information, as well as shipping times, should be posted on their website. If this information is missing, you may want to look for another vendor.

  • Find the discount 

 The price of high-quality weave hair is quite expensive, choosing the hair product to sell hair is really what many people are looking for. That’s why so many hair suppliers offer discounts during the year to attract customers. At the same time to get more reviews, feedback from customers. With the customers, there are two advantages of buying hair during the Promotion occasion. First of all, customers can buy their favorite beautiful hair products at a cheap price. Secondly, the hair quality is still on point. Customers can have good weave hair for a cheap price.

We hope that this article can help you put aside your time and money, to find a reliable hair supplier that sells decent products for you!

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