A fantastic way to change up your look without having to commit to a haircut or hair color is by using hair extensions. Hair extensions are a quick solution to adding length and volume, which you may have never been able to achieve solely through growing your hair.  As hair extensions grow more popular, an increasing number of people have expressed a strong desire to obtain hair extensions.

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost in the UK

 If you’re considering hair extensions, but want more information on how much they tend to cost in the UK, this article is for you. I’ve explained the different types of extensions, and how the cost varies between each.

I. Salon vs. Private Hair Extensions

1. Hair Extensions Salon

 The price of hair extensions will all depend on what type of hair extensions you go for. In salons, there are many different hair types available depending on the look that you’re going for. Hair salon prices will also depend on where in the country you are, and how ‘high-end’ the salon is.

How Much Do Hair Extensions in the UK Cost
Hair Salon in London

 Salons in major cities such as London and Manchester, for example, are likely to be more expensive, with prices starting at about £600, compared to around £350 in the midlands. When opposed to going private, going to a salon is more likely to provide you with the ‘pamper’ experience.

2. Private Hair Extensions

 However, going private may be a slightly cheaper option, whilst still getting the same quality hair extensions. With mobile hairdressers, they don’t have to pay for salon rent and bills as well as the complimentary drinks, so they can afford to lower their prices.

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost in the UK
Mobile Hair Salon

 There are plenty of great mobile hairdressers that do hair extensions too, plus you’re more likely to build a rapport and be comfortable telling them exactly what you want as you will be able to talk to them directly rather than having to go through the salon. Mobile hair extensions tend to be £100£200 cheaper than getting it done in a salon, but it again depends on the area you live in and exactly what it is you want.

II. How Much Are Hair Extensions in The UK?

 There are so many different types of hair extensions, that it’s difficult to give an average price. In this section, I go into more detail about the different types and costs for each one.

1. Synthetic vs Real Human Hair

 Human hair extensions are made from a variety of types of human hair, from Asian to European. There are also different grades of human hair depending on how the hair has been collected, treated, and sorted. Virgin hair – hair that’s never been chemically treated before collection is prized for human hair extensions. There is also Remy human hair.

 Human hair extensions cost about $‌105.00 and up to $‌525.00 and they last a year or more depending on how well they are cared for and how often they are worn. For example, Luxy hair – one of the prevalent hair companies based in the UK, Luxy Hair 20” Remy human hair extensions range from $‌140.00$‌220.00, depending on the weight that you choose (120g, 160g, or 220g).

How Much Do Hair Extensions in The UK Cost

 Human hair extensions cost more than synthetic because they are of better quality, offer more styling versatility, look and feel more natural, and last longer. Synthetic hair tends to be at least £200 cheaper than human hair extensions.

2. Temporary Hair Extensions

 Clip-in hair extensions are for day-to-day use. The most temporary option, these are intended to be applied and removed each day. In terms of price, overall, clip-in hair extensions are usually the cheapest option. Because you can apply for the extensions yourself in a matter of minutes, there’s no need for expensive salon costs or upkeep.

How Much Do Hair Extensions in the Uk Cost
Clip-in Hair Extension

 If you’re set on full-head clip-in hair extensions, prices vary depending on the quality and amount of human hair, the length, and clip type. For 180g of 18” long good quality Remy human hair, expect to pay between £109-£256 in the UK.

3. Semi Permanent Hair Extensions

 Tape-in extensions are semi-permanent and will require a hair extension specialist to fit them. For about 20” of Remy human hair tape-in hair extensions expect to pay upwards of £95.

How Much Do Hair Extensions In the UK Cost
Tape-in Hair Extension

 We always recommend getting tape hair extensions fitted by a hair extension specialist. For just the fitting, expect to pay around £50 per pack. For salon packages, including the hair itself, expect to pay upwards of £200 to £400.

4. Keratin Hair Extensions (Fusion Hair)

 Fusion hair extensions are another semi-permanent method. Hot fusion methods apply for pre-bonded tip hair extensions by using keratin glue to bond the extensions to the hair. Keratin Hair extensions are on the market in the UK starting from around £108 for 100g of 18” Remy Human Hair.

Keratin/Fusion Hair Extension

 Keratin bonded hair extensions at a salon usually cost upwards of £200 per 50g of hair fitted (this includes the hair) to £500 for a full head. Fitting alone costs upwards of £70.

5. Micro Hair Extensions

 Micro ring hair extensions and nano ring hair extensions are attached to the hair via rings in the hair. Because they are free from glue or harsh chemicals when fitted by a qualified hair extension specialist they are virtually damage-free. As above, cut costs by sourcing the Remy human hair extensions online. Micro-ring extensions start from around £61 per 50g for an 18” length. Nano-rings are about 90% smaller in size, and therefore extremely undetectable. Expect to pay slightly more for nano-rings starting at around £70 for the same amount/length.

How Much Do Hair Extensions in the Uk Cost
Micro Ring Hair Extension

 Micro-ring attachment at a salon will start at around £200 per 50g of hair fitted (this includes the hair) to £650 for a full head. Fitting alone costs upwards of £70. These prices are similar for nano-ring attachments.

6. Weave Hair Extensions

How much do hair extensions in the UK Cost
Weave Hair Extension

 Weave hair is applied by braiding the hair first, then sewing the weave into the braid. If buying the weave alone, expect to pay around £92 and up for 18” of 110g of hair. Weave fitting costs upwards of £200 to £350, hair included.

III. What are the differences in hair prices between Vietnamese Hair Extensions and UK Hair Extensions?

 Take a look at the table below for an average price of extension, depending on the attachment method in the UK. Please note that this is just an average based on shorter extension lengths and does not include salon service charges or location averages.

How much hair extensions in the UK cost

 Aside from European hair in general, Asian hair is also a trusted wholesale hair provider in the hair market. The following is a comparison between European and Asian hair that you should be aware of before selecting to import hair for your business:

How much do hair extensions in the UK cost

 In the Asian hair market, Vietnamese hair is the most loved among other nations for its high-quality hair at reasonable prices (Vietnamese hair extensions prices are 2 times cheaper than European hair extensions prices).

how much do hair extensions in the UK cost
Vietnamese Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions
Vietnamese Tape-in hair extensions
Weave Hair Extensions

 Vietnamese hair is naturally thick and durable. Vietnamese hair is collected from rural women in mountainous areas of Vietnam, who eat a nutritious, fiber-rich diet and live in a temperate climate that is conducive to hair growth – not too hot or too cold.

IV. Conclusion

 People often say that when it comes to hair extensions, cheaper isn’t better. However, Vietnam is the country that totally breaks all the theorems. Vietnamese hair extensions are well known for their high quality with the long term duration. Besides it, thanks to a range of huge advantages, the prices for Vietnamese hair extensions are very reasonable. Vietnamese wholesale hair distributors like AZ Hair Company with a strong production ability not only can produce hair items in mass quantity but also can meet a variety of customer’s requirements at the factory price.

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