Perhaps you are unaware that wigs and hair extensions are not only a fashion accessory that enhances human beauty but also a business. Along with the rise in demand for wigs and hair extensions, Vietnam’s hair industry has begun to flourish and is gradually asserting its position in the international market. And also following that development, many questions were raised about the origin and development process, as well as the hidden corners behind this industry in Vietnam. As one of the top manufacturers of hair extensions in Vietnam, AZ Hair will walk you through some of the significant milestones in the development of the Vietnamese hair business.

I. History of Hair Industry in Vietnam

 Wigs first emerged in ancient Egypt about 2000 years ago. However, wigs were not widely recognized until the 16th century, thanks to the first Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, who had a significant influence on the fashion world. However, wigs were still considered a luxury item at the time, and only the nobles could wear them. Wigs were still regarded as expensive until the 19th century when music stars began to use them, and from there, the trend of using wigs grew rapidly. The hair business in Vietnam – at that time still in the French colonial period – was also born. The beauty needs of the wives of French officials have partly spread to Vietnamese women. There is demand, so there is supply, and that is when the Vietnamese hair industry officially started the development stage with the introduction of a variety of hair care services and products, as well as hairdressing tools.

history of hair extensions.

 It wasn’t until the end of the 20th century, when international cultures began to interfere, that Vietnam’s hair business entered its most profitable period of expansion, with the introduction of wigs and hair extensions. Although just entering the development period, Vietnamese wigs have been gradually asserting their importance in the international arena to compete with other major wig exporting countries such as China, India, and Peru.

II. Requirements in the Hair Industry

 Attracting a large number of human resources operating in the field of hair production and hairstyling. This business requires high expertise, scientific knowledge to apply technology to hairdressing, as well as a pair of skillful hands and creativity to be able to create the most beautiful hairstyles. Workers must have had professional training and have excellent professional knowledge. If each hair item is a work of art, then each production worker is an artist with skilled hands capable of producing the most exquisite items.

III. What makes Vietnamese Hair become different than Chinese or Indian Hair?

 People who like hair extensions have been flocking to Vietnamese hair manufacturers recently. Vietnamese hair is well-known for its lovely, fantastic texture. Despite its thick appearance, Vietnam Human hair is not coarse or rough. Contrary to popular assumption, Vietnamese hair is extremely smooth and silky. Vietnamese human hair is also highly robust and easy to style, which is why it is so popular, particularly in Africa and Europe.


 Vietnamese hair suppliers steadily developed and are now fully capable of producing their own hair extensions and have become prestigious suppliers to many hair resellers all over the world. Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors have only one hair source – Local human hair, which comes in two varieties: Virgin Hair and Remy Hair.

  • Virgin Hair is obtained by purchasing directly from women, who are mostly from high mountainous places and ethnic minorities. Because of the healthy lifestyles of the locals, the hair is always of high quality and is the best version of virgin hair. Vietnamese virgin hair is hair that has never been styled, colored, or bleached. It signifies that the hair is silky, smooth, and supple, that the cuticles are well maintained, and that the restyling capability is exceptional.
ảnh tổng
  • Hair wholesalers also purchase Remy hair, which is then cut or shed in homes or hair salons. This hair type is not particularly qualified. However, after rearranging the hair, the cuticles can be preserved and the quality is excellent.

IV. List of Top 4 Reliable Hair Vendors in Vietnam

 For Vietnamese human hair factories, quality is always the main focus. Based on the exceptional quality, favorable evaluations, and reasonable price of a qualified hair factory, AZ Hair is one of the most active companies in the hair industry in Vietnam. AZ hair, which primarily supplies hair for wigs and extensions, is gradually dominating the market in the hair production and import-export business and is continually enhancing inventiveness to deliver products of the highest quality. Besides it, here are the top 4 Vietnamese Hair Factories that fully meet the parameters of a legitimate Vietnamese Hair Factory.

1. AZ Hair Vietnam

 AZ Hair Company is one of the most professional and reputable Vietnamese organizations in hair manufacturers and trading natural raw hair, virgin hair, and Asian human hair around the world.

 With more than 16 years of operation experience, we always continually strive to provide the most complete satisfaction to the customers. All production procedures are meticulously monitored, and all items must pass a stringent inspection to ensure the quality of each item before shipment. Our products are exported to many countries all around the world, including the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Nigeria, and South Africa.

2. APO Hair

 APO Import Export Joint Stock Company was founded in 2011 and is one of Vietnam’s leading firms in the field of hair export to the international market. They always strive to improve the quality of their products to maintain their consumers’ trust.

3. MIC Hair

 MICVIET Investment Company Limited is one of the leading Vietnamese companies that specialize in trading natural raw hair, virgin hair, and Asian human hair with countries all over the world. They’ve accumulated a lot of experience in the hair industry and research over the years.


 McSARA is one of the leading Vietnamese companies that export several varieties of Vietnamese hair to international clients. The items are described as 100% human hair that has not been dipped in chemicals or dyed. Customers can choose from various hairstyles, including straight, curly, wavy, and a variety of color levels. McSara’s hair ranges in length from 6 to 32 inches.

 Currently, the hair business in Vietnam is rapidly expanding, bringing jobs to millions of people with huge profits of up to hundreds of millions of dollars for hair companies.

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