We’re guessing that you’ve got a pair of hair straighteners as they’re a must-have for most of us to smooth our strands or to add some quick curls. They’re not something people tend to ask about, as most of us think we have it down but in reality, we haven’t quite nailed hair straighteners as much as we think. So, if your ends are looking fried or if your hairstyle isn’t lasting as long as you’d like it too then these could be hair straightener mistakes you need to stop making …

Hair Straightener Mistakes #1: Your Section Are Too Big

 Ok, we get that when you’re in a hurry taking sections can seem like a chore. However, there’s absolutely no way you can achieve a sleek look without working in sections, sorry guys!


 While larger sections seem ideal and easy to work with, sectioning your hair properly for straightening is the key. You also want to make sure that each section isn’t any wider than the width of your hair straighteners. This is because a bigger section will need more heat so you’ll have to pass the straighteners over the section multiple times which will cause way more damage. Sectioning your hair properly for straightening will make sure that all the strands are equally exposed to heat and can be styled, without your hair looking messy. So, the best way is to find enough time, section your hair into small parts and style them individually. It also won’t be anywhere near as sleek so it’s worth taking your time.

Hair Straightener Mistakes #2: You’re Not Using The Right Size

 Standard hair straighteners tend to be around 1-inch wide but they don’t necessarily work for all hair types.


 However, depending on the length and thickness of your hair you’ll need to pick a width that works for your hair type. If you have short hair you’ll need straighteners with ½ inch plates, medium-length and thickness hair types can go for 1-inch plates and anyone with thick or curly hair will need 2-inch plates.

Mistakes #3: You’re Not Detangling


 One of the often committed mistakes is skipping a comb while straightening your hair. If your hair is tangled then the straighteners will press in those bends and you won’t be able to get a sleek finish. Use a small rat tail comb to comb through each section first and then use the comb in front of the straighteners to feed and align your hair. This helps in giving a tamed look without making your hair look lifeless and limp. This will makes a massive difference and we picked it up from Jen Atkin – A Celeb Hairstyles so you know it’s a good hack!

Hair Straightener Mistakes #4: You’re Double Twisting


 When curling your hair with hair straighteners you only should twist them over once to avoid putting too much tension on your hair. If there’s too much tension it’ll make it difficult for you to pull the straighteners down your hair and your curl won’t be as defined. Instead, just twist them over once and glide the straighteners down to the end of your section without holding them on your hair for too long.

Mistakes #5: You’re Not Letting Your Hair Cool

 Whenever you heat style your hair you need to let it cool in place so that it can set. It’s the same with curling but when straightening your hair you’ll want to avoid touching it or pushing it behind your ears until it’s fully cool.


 No bend clips are also great for sleek looks as they’ll help to hold the hair around your face in place as it cools. You could also use some playing cards instead if you don’t have the clips handy which is a great backstage styling tip.

Hair Straightener Mistakes #6: You’re Pulling Your Hair Down


 If you’re running the straighteners vertically down your section then you’ll take a lot of the volume out of your roots. This will give you a flat finish without much volume or movement.

 Instead, you’ll want to hold your section of hair horizontally from your head to lift the root and create more volume. This will give you a healthier finish that doesn’t look flat or lackluster.

Mistakes #7: You’re Using The Wrong Temperature

 If your old flat iron does not have any temperature control, it is time to switch to a new one. You would want one with a variation of heat to suit the texture of your hair. If your straighteners allow you to change the heat settings and you’re using a temperature higher than 185°C then you’re likely going to damage your hair. At 185°C your straighteners will be hot enough to change the shape of your strands without causing damage.


 GHD hair straighteners are set to this temperature and you’re not able to change it, which is really useful. However, if you’re using a different pair then you’ll need to be wary that they’re not too hot.If you touch up many times a week, make sure you reduce the temperature to minimise the damage.

Hair Straightener Mistakes #8: Straighten Your Hair When It Is Still Wet

 When water turns from liquid to steam it expands so you’ll essentially be stretching your hair until breaking point by applying a high heat. As boiling point is 100°C you can imagine how 185°C would seriously damage wet hair, especially as it’s weaker when it’s wet. That’s why it’s really important to make sure your hair is completely dry before you use them. This includes any products on your hair too so you want to avoid saturating your hair with anything. Instead, use a lightweight heat protectant and always let it soak in before you start.


 We all have straightened or at least attempted to straighten our hair to make it look sleek and shiny. But, in this process of blow drying and straightening, we commit some major mistakes which can cost our hair’s strength and texture. So if you are a regular user of hair straightener, we hope that this post will help you save your strands.

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