If twenty years ago, it was hard to admit that enhancing your hairstyle with hair extensions, was a restriction, nowadays, everywhere you look someone is talking about the latest and greatest extension methods. Hair extensions offer a drastic change to the hair. Whether you need extra length for a wedding or formal updo, or desire more volume or lift, you have tons of options available from straight hair, wavy hair to curtly hair. If Nano Ring Hair Extensions make you look much more beautiful and Straight hair enhances your grace, Curly hair extension brings you an interesting perspective for your appearance. Curly hair is often seen as being most desirable because it looks constantly volumized. With curly locks, you never have to fluff up your roots or fill in strange empty spots that have formed on the back of your head. Let’s take a look to know more about this hairstyle!

PROS:  Increase Volume, Length

 If you want to add a little bit of length or volume to your hair, often you have to endure waiting. That’s the worst. You want your new hairstyle as quickly as possible. That’s why hair extensions are great. You can get as much length or volume as you want either by a quick appointment at the stylist or just by picking up some clip-in extensions. It’s the most convenient way to add a little bit of volume or length (or both) to your hair.


 Curly hair is certainly an attention-getter. It’s guaranteed that you’ll be noticed no matter where you are and that’s a good thing. When you’re looking good, your curly hair will make you look even better. However, when you’ve just gotten out of bed, or you’ve just finished a workout and your hair is frizzy and flies away, it will STILL get you lots of attention.


While girls with straight hair will have to keep spending time using curling tongs or irons, you can just wash your hair, towel dries it, then use a wide-toothed comb to loosen it up a bit, and you’re good to go. You can get some super-cute looks in just a few minutes, no stress, hassle, or sitting in a hairdresser’s all-day required.

PROS: Diversity in STYLE

It’s easy to come up with super-cute looks for your hair when you’re blessed with healthy, curly locks. From elegant up-dos to dreads, simple tie-backs, or cute looks with a headband and a beanie, you can convert your hairdo into something appropriate for any occasion pretty easily. The biggest advantage is any type of hairstyle suits curly hair. Whether you let it be, use a headband, a simple bun, or a pony depending on the occasion, they all look good.

 We love our curl, however, but if we’re being honest there are a couple of cons to go with all those pros but if we’re being honest there are a couple of cons to go with all those pros!


Curly hair extension is quite tricky to find the exact color, fitting type, and length your client is after, and they are in fact not always the best option, even for those with naturally curly hair


 Just like a certain princess’s glass slipper, you’ll have to remove your wig before the clock strikes midnight—or at least before you go to bed. Curly clip-ins cannot be left in for a long duration because the clips will cause breakage. As great as they are, you will need to remove clip-ins before heading to bed.

 Moreover, although clip-in extensions are great for anyone who wants to switch up their look without heading to the salon, they’re not great for every hair type. Clip-in extensions are often too heavy for people with thin or thinning hair.


The tape’s glue often needs to dry for 24-48 hours, which means you cannot wash your hair or engage in movements that will make you sweat in 1 or 2 days. You won’t be able to use or apply silicone-based oils and products to your hair; otherwise, it will make the curly tape-ins slip.

 Phew! These are a few different types of hair extensions for curly hair. So, now that you’ve considered all of the advantages and disadvantages of the various hair extensions, I hope you’ll be able to make an informed decision!

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