It is often said that jewelry is the best friend of women. But, it would not be an exaggeration to claim that besides jewelry, clip-in hair extensions are also the best friends of women. If you decided to change up your look and take a lob is just what you need, only to experience hair regret the next day. But unlike a breakup, short hair doesn’t have to be forever. Because hair extensions are used for adding volume, color, and style to the hair, with which you can enjoy the best of both worlds—short hair and long hair—with absolutely no commitment and no damage to your own hair. However, when it comes to using hair extensions, people make some mistakes. Continue scrolling down, we will reveal the way to blend Clip-in Extensions for short hair as well as the common mistakes that people often made to help you avoid them.

I. Tricks To Blend Clip-in Extensions For Short Hair

1. Using A Thick Set & Pin the Bottom Section Of Your Hair Away

 This is a really great hack for blending hair extensions with short hair to hide those pesky telltale shorter pieces at the nape of your neck.

 Section your hair so only a tiny bit of it is left at the bottom, and clip the rest of the hair away. Backcomb this remaining section and twist or braid it, then pin it flat against the nape of your next with some bobby pins. This is where you’ll be clipping in your first weft of extensions. Remember to brush your hair out using a Loop Hair Extensions Brush before clipping in your extensions.

2. Mix and Match Colors For Added Dimension

 Using two different colors tricks the eye by adding dimension and depth to the hair. Another option is to try out balayage hair extensions for added color.

 If using two colors, simply alternate the two colors when clipping the extensions in to achieve a seamless blend. A bonus? This creates natural-looking sun-kissed highlights without spending any time out in the sun!

3. Tease The Roots For Added Grip

 You may find that you need some added hold at the roots, especially if you have finer hair. To add grip to your natural hair, tease it by backcombing the strands.

*Keep in mind that when you are clipping in your hair extensions for short hair, your goal is to cover as much of your natural short hair as possible. This means that you will find that your extensions will sit a lot higher on your head, which is totally fine. Continue clipping in the rest of your hair extensions until you’ve reached the top of your head*

4. Create A Super Long Mega-weft To Cover A Short Layer

 Once you have reached the widest point of your head, which will be in line with your eyebrows, clip them side by side. You will be laying them beside each other, and they will overlap slightly in the back. By doing this, you can lock down all the other wefts you have clipped in your hair and allow you to have one cohesive weft that covers all the rest.

 You can also cut clip wefts so that the sections towards the front of the face are shorter. This creates face-framing layers, which blend into shorter layers more naturally.

 In AZ Hair, all of our products are made with 100% Remy Human Hair with the highest quality and come up with a wide range of lengths, weights, and the latest trend colors. They can be cut and styled just like your own natural hair. With the extension in the size of factory, AZ Hair, now, has strong production ability to meet the variety requirements from lengths, weights, as well as colors of the customer’s demand.

5. Add Wavy and Curls

 A time-saving tip is to curl your extensions beforehand. Use a Hair Extensions Carrier, to clip your extensions on for easy and quick curling. You’ll just need to touch up with a few curls to blend your natural hair with the extensions. Once you clip your wefts in, curl each shorter strand with a piece of the longer strands, and use a straightener if need be to curl any shorter ends inward. Finally, curl your top layer of hair to achieve a smooth, seamless transition.

And now, enjoy the perfect look!

II. The Common Mistake that People Often Made When Hiding Clip-in Extensions

1. Clipping The Extensions Too High Up

 This is an easy mistake to make but also a simple one to correct. If your hair is not too short, you should ideally not be clipping your hair extensions higher than your eyebrow level and try to clip as close to the roots as possible.

2. The Shades Don't Match Your Natural Hair

 Matching extensions to your roots might seem like the obvious thing to do but this won’t provide you with the most natural outcome. The color that you see from the middle to the ends of your hair is what you want to use as a reference when buying hair extensions. A bonus pro tip is to use two wefts of slightly different shades, which will create a natural, highlighted effect. If you are feeling unsure, you can also get in touch with our friendly team for a complimentary color recommendation!

3. Applying Extensions That Are Too Long

 If you have very short hair, chances are you won’t have enough natural hair available to cover the extension clips. Ideally, you want your hair to be at least chin-length before you consider extensions. The general rule of thumb is that the bigger the difference in length is between your natural locks and your extensions, the harder it will be to achieve a natural result.

4. Not Clipping Up The Shorter Pieces

 When you apply for clip-in extensions, there are usually a few shorter pieces around your neck that stick out. If your natural hair is short, make sure that you clip these shorter pieces up if you don’t want to give your secret away – a bobby pin will usually do the trick.

5. Failing To Maintain Your Clip-in Extensions

 While clip-in hair extensions are not permanent, they still require special care and need to be washed occasionally. If your extensions are made of human hair, you can treat them as you would your natural locks. This means keeping them clean, moisturized, untangled, and using a heat protection spray before styling. Brushing your extensions before and after you apply or wash them is essential – a wide-toothed comb or boar bristle brush is ideal for keeping your extensions in the best condition. The type of products you use on your hair also needs to be safe for use on extensions. By taking the time to maintain your clip-in hair extensions, they stay luxuriously soft for longer.

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