For us, March through April is the perfect excuse to switch up my hair color for spring. Sure, fall hair colors are fun, and winter hair colors can be edgy, but nothing gets in the mood for a new spring hair color more than this time of year. Spring brings with it a foray back into the world of color that we’ve been missing for months. Keep reading to find out 14 of the best hair color ideas for spring with AZ Hair!

1. This Strawberry Red Brunette for Spring

If your Insta feed is anything like mine, you’ve probably noticed that it seems like everyone is going strawberry brunette for spring. The love child of red, blonde, and brown hair has truly been sweeping the nation, and I want in. To keep your hair from looking dull, top off this shade with a gloss treatment to keep it shiny and fresh.

2. Money Piece Highlights for Spring 2022

 If you’re a natural brunette and you want to do something new with your hair this spring, may I suggest a money piece highlight? This look is quick, easy, and not a full-fledged change to your everyday look.

3. This Lived-In Beach Blonde Idea

Who says you can’t rock this lived-in beach blonde a couple of months before summer? I personally love a few of my roots peeking through for some added dimension, but if you’re not into it, you can always grab a root touch-up kit to keep your roots bright.

4. Chocolate Brown Spring Hair Idea

 Thinking about going lighter for spring? This rich, chocolaty brown hair color is here to convince you otherwise. This hue is made extra pretty with slightly darker ends and plenty of shine. You can add a few hair glosses, which are a great way to maintain this color at home.

5. This Lilac Spring Hair for 2022

 To be honest, if the pandemic years have taught us anything about hair color trends, it’s that anything and everything goes. So if you’re tired of the same old blondes and browns, try out a brighter shade like this electric lilac. The best part? It’ll fade into a pretty wash of purple as it grows out. Lilac hair color care takes effort, but it’s so worth it.

6. Red-Brown Spring Hair Color

The coolest way to touch up your brown hair this spring? A shiny gloss Kendall Jenner’s red-brown hairstyle. It’s the perfect combination of subtle and fun.

7. Baby-Blonde Hair for Spring 2022

 Good luck looking at Lucy Boynton’s baby-blonde hair color and not ordering some bleach on Amazon Prime (wait, but don’t though). Perfect for anyone who’s over that warm, golden shade of blonde that was everywhere in 2020/21, this 2022 spring trend is as white-blonde as it gets.

8. Coppery Red Spring Hair

 Make your red even warmer this spring with a bright, coppery wash hair color. The best part? There are so many variations of this color (rosy copper, golden copper, rusty copper, etc.), so you’ll definitely find a version of the vibrant hue that works for you.

9. Dark Roots for Spring 2022

 Dark roots are back in fashion, regardless of what all your instincts are telling you. Not only does the dark-light combo allow for a more seamless grow-out phase, but it also gives you more time between color sessions. Don’t want to wait until your roots naturally show? Have your colorist shadow the root at your next highlight appointment to give it that lived-in look.

10. Deep Brown Hair for Spring 2022

For deep brown and black shades, ask your stylist to add very minimal highlights just around your face for a touch of subtle dimension in your dark hair. If you’re not into highlights, add a slightly lighter hair gloss all over your hair to make your color look shiny and defined, not dull and flat.

11. This Dark Honey Spring Hair Idea

A tad darker and richer than traditional honey blondes, this shade is the perfect way to transition into a warmer color for spring.

12. This Brown With Blonde Highlights Color

 Don’t feel like bleaching your whole head? Try lightening your look by adding some highlighted accents throughout your darker hues. To get this look, have your stylist add some subtle brightened strips around your face and toward the ends of your hair to play up your natural texture. Note: To get the most natural effect, have your colorist choose highlights only a few shades lighter than—and in the same color family as—your base.

13. This Bubblegum Pink Hair for Spring

 This bubblegum pink is a super-pretty option for spring (which, btw, will fade into the perfect rose-gold shade as it grows out). If you’re a bit hesitant to dye your hair pink, start with a semi-permanent option (like a tinted hairspray) to test things out.

14. Buttery Blonde Hair for 2022

 The current trend climate? Less of the icy-blonde hues we saw all winter and more of the warmer, buttery-blonde shades you’re starting to see on your feeds. With golden highlights like these, you’ll get a color that looks much more natural than the cooler, icier tones (even if it’s not). Upkeep with blonde hair is no easy feat, so make sure to use a hair mask to hydrate, protect, and strengthen.

 Spring is right around the corner. Whether you’re someone who prefers to keep things neutral and low-maintenance, or you’re fully ready to embrace the spring vibes and get a fun pop of color, we believe that there will be a spring hair color for everyone. You know what they say, “new hair, new life”—and we hope that this post will help you breathe new life into your hair this Spring.

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