Today’s blog is all about showing you the way to curling hair with a straightener. With all the curling tools on the market, they can not only be intimidating when don’t know which one will give you that perfect effortless curl. We feel this fear, to be entirely honest! That’s why we learned how to curl our hair with hair straighteners. Curling hair with a straightener can create full and bouncy curls that won’t look like ringlets. We found the technique needed was much more simple and the good news is today we’re going to give you a step-by-step tutorial on just how we achieve the perfect curl.

I. Preparing Your Hair Before Curling With Hair Straightener

1. Start With Clean and Dry Hair

 Make sure to start with completely clean and dry hair. Wet hair won’t curl at all and damp hair won’t curl as well. Even if you have one of those magical wet-to-dry hair straighteners, it’s best if you have dry hair. Dirty hair also won’t hold its shape very well, so make sure you’ve washed it in the past 24 hours.

*Notes: If you’re blow-drying your hair first, use mousse. The extra volume will keep your hair from looking too flat as you curl it*

2. Use A Thin Flat Iron.

 Your straightener should be about 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm) in width from plate to handle and have rounded edges, otherwise, it won’t form smooth curls. A flat, paddle-style iron also won’t do curls. It’ll be much harder to hold and wrap if you have this kind of straightener and the hair won’t want to stay in the right place.

  • Make sure you’ve got a good quality flat iron. The best work faster, make your hair smoother, and do less damage than poor-quality irons. They can have a big impact on things like shine and the consistency of curls. If you need to update your flat iron, you can explore high-quality options here.
  • Heat the iron up to the minimum temperature you need for your hair. If your hair is fine and thin, stick to the low end of the dial at below 300 degrees. Normal hair can be ironed at 300 to 380. You can turn it up to 350 to 400 if your hair tends to be thick, coarse, or frizzy.

3. Apply Heat Protectant Before Curling Hair With Straightener

 Make sure you are ALWAYS using a heat protectant or a thermal spray whenever using any heated tool. It will create a protective barrier between the hair and the iron so that the hair doesn’t “frizzle” and burn. Not only will it protect your hair, but it will also always protect your hair extensions. Spray all over your hair – no need to comb, as it should mist on and dry quickly.


 *Note: If you have thick hair, spray it on each section before you tackle it. If you just spray it on the top of all your hair, it won’t hit the bottom layers. Also, be sure to comb out any tangles in your hair before applying heat.*

4.Part Your Hair Into Sections.

 You’ll have better luck curling your hair if you section it instead of trying to attack the whole mess at once. In general, the thicker your hair the more sections you’ll need to do. Begin by brushing your hair, freeing any knots or tangles that have formed. Once you’ve brushed all your hair, tie up the hair above your ears and section your hair from the bottom and work your way up as you through each section of your hair. It needs to be out of the way.

II. How To Curl Your Hair With Hair Straighteners?

 After you finish the preparation process, all it takes is 3 easy steps and you’ll be done in as little as ten minutes, depending on how much or how little hair you have.

 If you’re more of a visual person, we filmed a tutorial on how to curl your hair with a hair straightener over on the Youtube channel.

Step #1: Curling Your Hair

 We are using an Eva NYC Styling Iron in this tutorial. Starting from the left side of your head, clamp your hair with the hair straightener facing the floor. Smoothly and slowly start to rotate your hair straightener to face upwards as you glide the hair straightener through your hair. This will take some getting used to but imagine rotating the hair straightener back towards the ceiling and down – this is where we highly recommend you watch our tutorial so you can see the motion we are using.

Take a small section of hair (about an inch) and gently clamp it with the straightener, smoothing out the root.
Twist the straightener at a 180º angle

 Once you get to the right side of your face, you will need to change the position of your hair straightener. This time, hold your hair straightener horizontally and twist underneath, then forward. Each time you do a curl, mold it again with your finger to set the curl as it cools.

Begin to gently pull the straightener down the length of your hair.
The quicker you smooth the straightener through your hair, the closer the wave will be. For tight, corkscrew curls, glide the straightener slowly down the hair shaft.

 Repeat these steps until the rest of your hair is curled.

Once you've curled the entire length of the section, twist the curl around your finger to keep the hold. For a looser look, pull the strand straight and allow it to cool.

Step #2: Gently Brush The Curls Out Once Cooled

 Once all your hair is curled, gently brush the curls out once cooled with a paddle brush or wide tooth comb. Brushing out curls is a personal preference but for a more polished look, we recommend brushing them out. A trick to know is the more you brush them, you will find they will mold in a certain way and flow nicely together. However, if you prefer a more mismatched curl, every second curl should be done in the opposite direction – this will create a tousled look.

Step #3: Straighten The Ends To Make Hair Look Longer

 Once you’ve brushed all your hair and you’re happy with how they are sitting, straighten the very ends of your hair to make your hair look longer and for the curl to appear more effortless and more like a wave. This is again, a personal preference but to achieve the signature waves we recommend straightening the ends.

Some styles you can reference:

s wave with a flat iron

 With those easy and simple three steps, you too can achieve waves or curls using a hair straightener. If you use our tutorial, don’t forget to send in your photos to or tag us using the hashtag #azhair on all social platforms so we can see and reshare your image! We love seeing you in your AZ hair extensions and using our tutorials.

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