Balayage hair is relatively low maintenance because the technique doesn’t interact with your roots. Once applied, the coloring will remain in your hair without frequent follow-up visits to the salon. However, it is still important that you take care of the balayage hair at home, which preserves the condition of your hair for as long as possible.

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 If you are wondering what to do after the balayage treatment, a few activities should be added or adjusted to your hair care routine. Follow this guide on how to take care of balayage hair at home:

1. Washing Your Hair After Balayage

 Many people wonder about the process of washing your hair after the balayage treatment. The general rule is to wash your balayage hair sparingly. Too much washing may end up damaging the quality of your balayage. When you wash your hair every single day, the beautiful color in your hair will fade more quickly.

 Ideally, you shouldn’t wash your balayage hair more than 2 or 3 times each week. Remember to use a conditioner to keep your hair healthy. However, make sure you don’t leave the conditioner in for more than 30 minutes, as this can cause damage and make your hair brittle.

2. Use Sulfate-Free Hair Products

 Sulfate is a chemical component found in some hair cleansing products, such as shampoos. To take care of your balayage hair, make sure you only use sulfate-free hair products. The sulfate strips away the color that was applied to your hair. Plus, it will eliminate the natural oils present on your scalp, which leaves your hair dry and damaged. Using the right types of shampoos and conditioners is important to preserve the color in your balayage hair.

3. Hair Masks For Balayage


 The hair mask is a great treatment for how to take care of balayage hair at home. Since your hair tends to dry more easily after balayage, moisturizing treatment is going to be beneficial. A hair mask will nourish your hair with essential vitamins and natural oils. This treatment also restores your hair’s shine and strength.

4. Get Your Hair Touched Up Once In A While


Balayage hair doesn’t require too many follow-up visits to the hair salon after its initial application. However, to preserve the visibility of your balayage coloring, you will have to get your hair touched up occasionally. Visiting the hair salon every 3 or 4 months should be enough to maintain your hairstyle.

5. Protect Your Balayage From The Sun


 When you go outside, be prepared to shield your balayage hair from the bright sunlight. The rays of the sun can damage your cuticles and dry your hair more quickly. Long periods of sun exposure will also fade the coloring. Make sure you apply adequate UV protection, including different products that can defend your balayage hair from the sun.

You can also refer to this video below to reference some useful tips as well as some useful hair care products to maintain balayage hair!

Why I should choose Balayage Hair?

You should choose Balayage Hair due to the following reasons:

1. Lighten up for warmer seasons:

 Balayage may be the answer to your hair prayers if you’re searching for a bit of a hair change-up for spring and summer. Spring is the ideal time to give your hair a natural glow and lighter tone as it transitions towards the summer months. Not only will you look like you spent the first few months of the year in a tropical paradise, but balayage grows out wonderfully, allowing you to freshen up your hairstyle whenever you choose. Having said that, balayage hair isn’t just for the spring and summer seasons. Balayage hair can effortlessly transition into fall and winter when coated with darker, warmer blonde, or chocolate tones.

2. Added color dimension

 Balayage gives your hair a gorgeous color dimension in the most natural way. If you’re unsure about dyeing your hair or making a drastic change, balayage is a great option to meet in the middle. You know how the sun catches the light and dark tones in your hair that you had no idea you had? Balayage accomplishes the same thing, but on a permanent basis.

3. Low Maintenance

People typically avoid dyeing their hair because of the maintenance required to keep their hair strong and healthy, as well as to keep the color looking fresh. As previously said, because balayage is freehand painted into the hair, the color grows out seamlessly with no hard regrowth lines. This means fewer salon visits and less need to constantly re-dye your hair! You’ll be OK if you invest in some high-quality color-care hair products.

4. Suitable for All Hair Types

 We love balayage because it looks fantastic on all hair types. Whether your hair is dark or light, wavy, straight, curly, short or long, balayage will most likely fit your hair, as long as you have the correct hair colorist working on the dye. A professional colorist will know exactly which ones would work best for your hair color and facial shape, creating a dye job that is unique to you.

5. Easy on Hair

 Because balayage highlights are deliberately dispersed throughout the hair, you avoid the harshness of bleached hair all over. Hair lightener used along your hairline and around your face will rapidly brighten your appearance and make a noticeable transformation while causing little damage to your hair.

6. Make Hair look Thicker and Fuller

 Balayage can give thin or fine hair the appearance of thickness and fullness due to strategically applied highlights in a variety of colors. Furthermore, because hair color causes the hair shaft to stretch, it physically causes hair strands to thicken, resulting in fuller hair overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Balayage is a popular type of highlighting technique that paints the color into your hair. And many women love the polish and radiance of their hair after getting the balayage treatment. This produces natural-looking highlights that transition into the softer shades gradually. The results of the balayage treatments are always so beautiful with a distinctively elegant flair. It’s important to make a fully informed decision before getting Balayage Hair and we are quite sure that you’ll probably have lots of questions. Here we have brought together some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.

The name is derived from the French word “balayer,” which means “to sweep” or “to paint.” It is a phrase that relates to how the color is applied rather than the color itself. It is a hair-dying process in which the dye is hand-painted onto the hair to achieve a smooth, gradual transition with no visible or harsh lines, resulting in a graduated, more natural-looking highlight appearance. Balayage uses a variety of bright and dark tones to produce many color dimensions, leaving the hair with a blended, natural, sunkissed radiance.

You can refer to this article to get a comprehensive about the conception, the different points between Balayage versus Highlight and Ombre as well as the reasons why balayage hair become popular around the world and so on.


Balayage works on most hair lengths and hair types, however, if you have a pixie cut, you may want to avoid balayage, since there isn’t enough hair to create those seamless highlights. Balayage is especially popular on long, textured hair types to create that California sun-kissed red carpet look.

 Like with any color-treated hair, it is important to protect your hair and use the right hair products to maintain your color and infuse moisture back into your hair in between appointments. We recommend using salon-quality sulfate-free shampoos to ensure that the color is not stripped away, as well as purple reinforcing shampoo, to eliminate any brassy tones until your next salon visit. Be sure to speak with your hair colorist before leaving the salon about care tips for your specific style, to ensure that your color is maintained as best as possible.

 Although many hair trends come and go, we predict balayage is here to stay. Since the coloring technique has been around for so long since its inception in France, we don’t foresee a natural, sun-kissed highlighted look going out of style anytime soon. Trends may change from how heavy the gradation is from dark to light, how subtle these highlights are, and how warm or cool the overall effect is, however, the beautiful depth and dimension achieved with balayage hair are timeless.

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