AZ Hair never forgets to focus on establishing the values of the company culture while striving to realize our duty and mission. If the “factory tour” is a special occasion to visit the factory and observe the products being manufactured and the processes at work, the journey to Ha Long in “Annual Tourism” can be considered one of the most engaging activities in AZ Hair company’s culture. The trip to Ha Long at the end of April was a memorable milestone for the company. Today, with AZ Hair’s staff, let’s enjoy the tour, and together, let’s discover Ha Long Bay.

 At the end of April 2022, AZ Hair had traveled to Ha Long for two days and one night. This was an ideal moment for employees to unwind and accompany together.

 Halong Bay- one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, is Vietnam’s most well-known and visited tourist destination. The bay’s one-of-a-kind beauty, with its towering limestone karsts, makes it a natural wonder worthy of UNESCO World Heritage status. Let’s take a look at some of our interesting activities in this land.


 One of the best experiences we have is spending the night on a Halong Bay junk cruise. We did a two-day, one-night cruise with Dora Cruises on Ha Long and Lan Ha Bay. The cruise offers 22 cabins with luxurious amenities, all of which have windows and balconies that offer great views of the enchanting green bay. We have vivid memories of taking a shower on our junk and looking out the round portal window as the karsts floated by. We will never forget that view! We enjoyed afternoon tea on the deck. During our stay on board, we have been traveling through the land of flavors. The food was excellent, and there was way too much of it.

dora cruise

Paddling Kayak & Squid Fishing

 If you don’t know about Kayak yet, Kayak is an enclosed vessel and the person sits inside the kayak with legs extended and uses a double-bladed paddle. Sea kayaks are slightly different from their river counterparts, possessing two sealed bulkheads, one each at the bow and the stern of the vessel. These compartments allow for storing all the necessary kayak accessories and gear that may need on the excursion. On this special occasion, we have been paddling kayaks to explore thousands-year-old caves, then paddling around the idles and operating the racing game between the departments.

 We heard that one of the best activities that absolutely must try when coming to Ha Long is squid fishing. Therefore, we’re very excited to fish fresh squid and catch swordfish and experience the thrill of becoming a fisherman. But that’s not all! We also get to enjoy grilled squid, steamed squid with ginger, and squid soup, as the beautiful sunset lights up the horizon. This is truly what life is all about!

Discover Natural Areas & Caves

 At 8:15 am of the next day, we ready to stay at the reception to visit the lime-stone islands and islets of Lan Ha Bay and discover Dark & Bright Cave by the tender (the transfer boat) to the small floating house and there we have the opportunity to explore the cave on a kayak. It can be said that Dark & Light Cave even is one of the least visited but is the most interesting of all the caves to be found in Lan Ha Bay.

kayaking 1

 The cave is named Dark & Light Cave because it’s actually a system made up of two separate caves. Dark Cave has very little natural or artificial light so we have to prepare a flashlight inside! Light Cave, on the other hand, is considerably shorter than Dark Cave and has tonnes of natural light beaming through gaps and holes in the rock making it feel like a church carved by Mother Nature herself. It is really an unforgettable memory.

Sun World Ha Long Complex

 AZ Hair highly appreciates the spirit of “work hard, play hard”. At the office, AZ employees work hard and creatively. In entertainment activities in Ha Long Bay, we are enthusiastic, wholeheartedly, improving team spirit. And we decided to choose Sun World Ha Long Complex for the next destination.

 Sun World Halong Complex is considered to be one of the largest amusement parks in Halong. This is the biggest tourist park in the North of Vietnam. Sun World Halong is a large corporation that owns two of the largest parks in Southeast Asia. It is Dragon Dragon Park and Typhoon Water Park. We spent most of the time in Dragon Park after saying goodbye to Dora Cruise to enjoy the extremely adventurous games.

sun world games

 We have the chance to play many adventurous games such as Fly Dragon Speed, Pterosaurs, Angry rhino, and so on, in which, Fly Dragon Speed was the most excited one. This is the longest rollercoaster game in the world combined with 3 huge swirls, the travel speed is 110km/h. This game really brings us the best experience of a real feeling of yomost.

 This tour provides an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate the wonderful family’s oneness. Hope that we will always be happy and have the greatest energy to try hard. AZ Hair is now ready to keep on working and supplying you with the best hair extensions, and, together, we will try our best to bring the highest quality products into the world.

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