AZ Hair never forgets to focus on establishing the values of the company culture while striving to realize our duty and mission. “Factory Tour” is one of the most engaging activities in AZ’s company culture. And, the factory tour in Nam Dinh province was a memorable occasion for the company. With AZ Hair’s staff, let’s enjoy the tour!

 The tour has been organized for April 13th with the aim of visiting the factory and observing the products being manufactured and the processes at work. Due to the fact that the manufacturing capabilities played an important role in a company’s overall strategic strength. And, the ability to respond quickly to customers’ orders, customize products to match customers’ exact requirements, or ramp up production rapidly is a powerful and difficult-to-imitate competitive weapon. Therefore, this tour is very special and is a memorable milestone for us!

 AZ Hair manufacturer is located in Nam Dinh province. With a construction process with a factory area using an area of more than 500m2, facilities, the modern equipment, and technology, as well as the continued dedication of more than 250 highly skilled laborers to make the best hair items at the highest quality, AZ Hair has a strong production ability to supply all the trending hair textures in the world as well as specific services for customers to satisfy a variety of quality requirements based on that factors.

 This special occasion provides a big opportunity for us to observe as well as to learn more about the production process and the way to create high-end products. Because even the clearest description of how workflows or how operators use charts and diagrams are also no substitute for seeing things happen in practice. And a successful manufacturing organization is the ability to do things of value for customers that the competitors cannot. Thus, a plant tour is an effective way of developing a deep understanding of what those capabilities are and how they might be exploited.

 In transferring process to the factory, we have wondered many questions as well as the curious about the production process. However, all of the concerns have been released, and we have opened our minds right at the moment we have stepped inside the factory. During the tour, we have been run a lot of gamut of emotions from this surprise to another.

 With our consultants and our supporting teams, this tour has allowed them to amass knowledge and build a store of experience that will be useful for future assignments. They were able to see more clearly the production process and were able to relate to clients to show them about the factory, the production process, modern equipment, technology, and so on, which will build a strong faith in clients.

 The last place to visit on this tour was the warehouse. Thanks to the extension in the size of the industrial facility, the factory can deliver loads of hair items that are different in styles, size, and tones. The average output of the factory can reach one ton per month. And we were so surprised with the ability to contain a huge stock which ensures a large export volume per month.

 This tour provides an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate the wonderful family’s oneness. And we felt very grateful to the people in this place, who always do their job with their whole hearts. They are diligent, skillful, and meticulous in every single step. Thanks to them, we have been more strongly inspired in our work and, together, we will try our best to bring the highest quality products into the world.

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