We all want hair that makes us look good. Unfortunately, not everyone happens to have thick, voluminous, healthy hair strands flowing from their scalp. Luckily, the beauty industry came up with a solution for this problem – hair extensions. Extension options range from micro links, sew-in, and tape-in, each with its own pros and cons. In today’s discussion, the focus will be on hand-tied weft extensions.

Are Hand-tied Weft Extensions Bad For Your Hair?

 Hand-tied Weft extensions are quite popular today because they provide fantastic volume and length with minimal damage to your natural hair. There are quite a few questions people keep asking us about hand-tied wefts.

Hand-tied Weft Extensions FAQs & Answers

 Hand-tied refers to the formation of the extension itself. Hand-tied extensions are just what they describe: strands of hair tied together by hand, forming a weft. Hand-tied extensions have a weft that is typically 11”-12” wide. The hair is knotted by hand along with 2-3 threads to create a weft.

Generally, extensions introduce slight stress to the hair, especially to people who have fine hair. Among all types of extensions, the hand-tied method results in the smallest damage. If installed by professionals who know how to do it right, the extensions will have a minimum pull on your roots.

 The amount added to your natural hair plays a key role in determining the extent of damage caused by extensions. If you have many extensions installed, the result is likely to be heavy and dense hair. Excessive extensions might also add weight and stress to your roots facilitating your natural hair to break.

 If you are thinking of getting extensions, It is best to do a consultation with a professional who has the experience and qualified training with hand-tied extensions. This way you get used to the extensions and how to maintain them. 

 I can safely say that expertly installed hand-tied extensions are safe and won’t lead to damage to your scalp or roots.

 We pride ourselves on selling only high-quality hair. We are committed to providing excellent hair. All of our products are created according to international high-quality standards. This hair has to be healthy human hair and it can’t be damaged. We have only one hair source: local human hair, which is collected from healthy women, especially mountainous women. Due to the healthy lifestyles of Vietnamese women, the hair is highly strong, silky, with no tangles or shedding, and extremely durable. After it has been collected, by bunching the hair, the cuticles of the hair are kept in line during the cutting process, reducing the chances of matting and tangling. Then, it will transfer to a modern production process to create the perfect hair and have to pass the strict test in an impeccable quality control system before shipment. This is the unrivaled strength of Vietnamese hair, which no other supplier can match.

 Hand-tied extensions on thin hair can provide much-desired volume. If the hair is naturally thin and has nothing to do with underlying hair loss issues,  then hand-tied extensions can be good for thin hair.  One thing to consider is that bulky wefts may not be easy to conceal if the hair is too thin. If the extensions are heavy, this could strain the natural hair, ultimately creating an undesired final look. 

 Yes, hand-tied weft extensions do work on short hair but the installation may require some crafty maneuvering by your stylist. Things to consider with short hair are styling and concealing short hairs that may poke through or stick out. Ultimately, the extensions should blend in with natural hair.

 Even though the hand-tied weft extensions can work on short hair, however, to be able to attach extensions, the hair must be at least 4-5 inches long from the scalp to the end of the hair. The most ideal length is to keep it at least shoulder length to look natural with a head full of extensions.

 Hand-tied hair  extensions can last about 12 weeks. This also depends on how fast your hair grows. Average hair growth is half an inch per month so if your hair grows a lot faster than the average, the extensions may need to be reinstalled sooner.

Hair loss from hand-tied extensions can occur and is usually caused by increased tension, friction, improper installation, or some other underlying hair loss issue. Taking a break between installations will allow the hair and scalp to be free, making it easier to shampoo and thoroughly cleanse the scalp. 

 Hand-tied extensions may not be your answer to a scalp that is balding rapidly. Such a condition will be best addressed by a trained hair loss professional or medical representative. There are other alternatives available that might better support your hair goals.

 The average amount of rows is between 4 and 6,  but this depends on the size of the head, the density of hair, and the final desired look. If looking for either more length or more volume but not both then fewer rows will be needed.

 Hair Extensions are 100% Remi human hair and can be styled exactly like your own natural hair. We recommend applying a heat protectant spray prior to using styling tools such as blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, etc. to maintain the quality of your AZ Hair Extensions. We also advise a lower heat setting when using styling tools to prolong the life of the hair.

 Yes but extreme itching is not normal. An itchy scalp can come from product build-up or harsh shampoo. It is best to take a few extra minutes to thoroughly rinse shampoo and conditioner from hair,  lifting up the extensions and allowing the water between the rows.

 Sleeping with hand-tied extensions can be difficult when newly installed but when you get used to the extensions, you’ll sleep like a baby. It is recommended to sleep on a satin pillowcase. Besides it, you can refer to this article to have the comprehensive look at how to sleep with hair extensions.

II. Where Can I Buy Hand-tied Weft Hair Extensions?

 Operating in the hair business for decades, AZ Hair Vietnam is proud to be one of the most professional and reputable Vietnamese organizations in hair manufacturers and trading natural raw hair, virgin hair, and Asian human hair across the globe. We are proud to be the first Vietnamese hair company that has been verified by Alibaba – a major player in the B2B eCommerce space.

 With the strong renewal and production ability to satisfy a variety of quality requirements, AZ Hair is gradually building our prestige as a factory supplying a variety of qualified hair at reasonable prices. Through the years, we have succeeded in building the brand name for ourselves as well as our reputation in the international market.

Hand-tied weft Extensions
Hand-tied Weft Hair Extensions: Everything You Should Know
hand-tied weft extensions

 AZ Hair is always appreciated for genuine consumer feedback concerning high-quality hair and reasonable rates, clear policies (of payment, shipping, and returns, for example), a wide range of hair options, and excellent customer care services.

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