AZ Hair has formulated different application systems to suit the individual preferences of each client- this includes U-Tip and I-Tip. It’s important to know the differences between each system, so that you can confidently advise your client on the right extensions for them.

Whether you are a budding extensions specialist, or you are looking to use different application systems in your salon, this will give you the low down you need to know on U-Tip vs. I-Tip extensions.

U - tip hair extensions

U-Tip extensions are one of the most popular methods used by hair extension professionals today. U-Tip gets its name from the u-shaped curve that makes up the tip of each extension. This system is also called “hot fusion” due to the process of heat used to attach each extension.


To apply AZ’s U-Tip extensions, the hair must firstly be washed with a clarifying shampoo to remove the chemicals from everyday silicone-based shampoos and restore hair back to its most natural and clean state. Once the hair is dried, you can begin the application process.

Take small sections of the hair- which should be in a V shape and an equal amount to the size of the U-Tip. When securing the U-Tip, ensure that it is placed just before the scalp to avoid burning the head. A specialist disk can be used as a handy tool for precision and to protect the scalp. A hot fusion applicator must then be used to melt the keratin tips at the hairline. As the keratin begins to cool, use your fingers to roll the keratin around the hair, making sure to close the top and bottom of the bond, securing the extension to your client’s hair for a long-lasting bond. This system takes roughly an hour and a half to apply a full head of hair extensions.


– AZ’s pre-bonded U-Tip extensions are made from original Italian Keratin, which is a protein found in natural hair, therefore it is kind to the hair and will not cause damage.
– The fusion method of application means that it is secure and long lasting.
– The heat from the extension hot fusion applicator tool only touches the hair for a few seconds and is not as hot as the standard curling or flat iron; therefore it will not cause damage to the hair.
– The strand-by-strand application system, along with the ability to attach the tips very close to the hairline, means the bonds will be virtually undetectable for the most natural looking results.
– This precise and easy to use method enables this type of application to be used on short hair just 3 to 4 inches long.
– U-Tips can be customized by cutting the bonds to make 2-3 smaller, micro bonds for use with fine hair

I - tip hair extensions

I-Tip is one of the newest extension application systems and is proven to give excellent results. I-Tip extensions are made up of several hair strands glued together at the tip. Unlike U-Tip, this system is applied without the use of heat or glue.


I-Tip extensions are attached to the hair using micro rings. The I-Tip is applied using a pulling tool, whereby an equal amount of hair is pulled through the micro ring to the hairline using a hook tool. The micro ring is then compressed around the hair for a comfortable secure attachment. This method takes approximately 2-3 hours to install a full head of hair extensions.


– Similar to U-Tip extensions, AZ uses original Italian Keratin pre-bonded I-Tips, which is a protein found in natural hair, therefore it is kind to the hair and will not cause damage.
– Because the process of applying I-Tip extensions does not use glue, chemicals or heat, the removal time is minimal and simple- taking approximately up to one hour. Unlike U-Tip extensions that need acetone-based product to remove the extensions, which makes the process slightly longer.
– The simple removal system means that it will not damage the hair.
– Some micro rings can have an inner tube made of silicone, to cushion the client’s hair and reduce compression damage to the hair.

AZ uses a source guaranteed to be from 100% virgin hair and each of our U-Tip, I-Tip and Tape extensions are available

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