There are so many reasons you may want to opt to wear hair extensions. Hair extensions are a quick and effective option to play around with your look whether you want to go from short to long in minutes, add volume to your hair, or obtain thicker braids right away. If you are new to the world of hair extensions, there are many resources available to educate you on the fundamentals of how to wear and style hair extensions, but what about those unspoken hidden hacks? How can you conceal those bothersome short hairs on the back of your neck? What is the best method for curling hair extensions? Is it feasible to achieve a layered look without having to trim your extensions?

 While mastering the art of wearing hair extensions takes some effort, we’ve compiled a list of the top 9 hair extension tricks. By following these helpful hints, you can quickly progress from a newbie to a pro. Check out the video below or keep reading to learn about those techniques.

1. Hide Shorter Hairs Using a Bottom Braid

 When you go to put in your hair extensions you want them to blend perfectly with your natural hair. However, if you have relatively short hair, these shorter hairs can end up peeking through the extensions, which will make it clear that it’s not your natural hair. In order to combat this, gather the bottom layer of your hair at the nape of your neck and braid it. Then, wrap the braid around itself flat against your head, and pin it in place with bobby pins. You can now place your weft directly above these pins and continue clipping your extensions in from here. Once you have all the wefts in place you can let down your hair and the results will look a lot more natural and polished without any pesky shorter hairs showing!

2. Make Styling Easier with a Hair Extensions Hanger

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 It’s always going to be easier to style your hair extensions before they’re clipped in because then they can’t be pulled out of place. If you already have a hair extensions hanger at home, use it to secure the hair as you create your style. A hanger will allow you to use both your hands to create the perfect look.

3. Back-comb Your Root To Prevent Wefts From Slipping

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This is another useful hack if you have fine hair and want your extensions to stay in place. Extensions can be difficult to keep in place for persons with thin hair. Before you put them in, start by separating the section of hair that will be used to clip the weft in from the rest of your hair. Then, use a teasing brush to back-comb your roots. Use dry shampoo to give your hair additional grip and texture during this procedure. This added texture makes it much harder for your extensions to slip. Now, fasten the extensions as usual. They should stay in place all day.

4. Pre-Style Your Extensions

 Styling the wefts while they’re on your head might cause stress on the roots of your natural hair, resulting in hair damage. It might also give your extensions a sloppy appearance. For these reasons, it is advisable to pre-style your hair extensions before applying them.

 No matter if you’re straightening your extensions or trying to add some lovely bouncy curls, make sure to put them on a hanger and then style them into your preferred look. Once done, you can apply the extensions to your hair and look beautiful instantly.

5. Storage Matters

 Many people don’t realize it until they try it, but storing your hair extensions correctly can make a big difference in how long they last and how good they look. This is a particularly important hack if you travel frequently. You will want the hair storage container to be as airtight as possible to prevent impurities and debris from settling on your locks. Before storing the weft, roll it up and tie it with a hair clip. Hair extensions of the highest quality deserve the highest quality of care, so treat your investment with love and they will last much longer.

 You can refer to this post to reference the useful hacks to double the lifespan of your hair extensions!

6. Use The Right Brush

 Brushing your hair while wearing clip-in or tape-in hair extensions might be challenging. The reason for this is that traditional brushes have a tendency to pull at the roots, which often results in the removal of extensions. Instead, invest in a hair extension brush. It will have little looped nylon bristles that won’t pull or snag the extensions.

7. Stack Your Extensions for More Volume

 If you struggle with finding room to place all of your hair extensions on your head, try stacking them to save on space. Stack two wefts together to make a mega weft, then insert it into your hair for a voluminous look. Avoid stacking any more than two wefts at a time as the wefts may get too heavy or uncomfortable. This tiny tip will not only make it easier to find room on your head for all of your hair extensions, but it will also speed up the application process. If you have layered hair or hair that thins out at the bottom, stacking wefts in this manner is an excellent technique to add thickness to the bottom area of your hair.

8. Try Diagonal Clipping for a Layered Hairstyle

 Do you have layers in your hair? If that’s the case, you’re going to enjoy this hack. Clipping your wefts on a diagonal line is a simple tip for faking the look of layers. This technique gives your hair a natural high to the low effect that blends perfectly with layered hair. This is an excellent method for achieving a layered effect without having them professionally trimmed.

9. Air-dry Your Hair

 Finally, never use a hairdryer. Blow-drying not only damages your real hair but also extensions. If you must speed up the drying process, use a hairdryer with the heat settings turned off to prevent damage.

 Hair extensions are a must-have in your beauty arsenal no matter what your hair type. Hair extensions allow you to rapidly modify your look from a stylish bob to long, cascading curls. Try these easy hair extensions hacks the next time you wear your hair extensions to make styling your hair a breeze!

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