1. The Updated Braid

Braids have been a longtime styling favorite, but this fall, they get an updated look by being slightly undone and tossed over the shoulder opposite your part. Leave them loose and soft to create a romantic look. Here’s a quick and easy beauty tip to make your braid look glossy and healthy: Rub a little hair oil between your palms and through your hair before braiding to add shine and body.

2. Hair Embellishments

Sparkling hair clips and nature-inspired embellishments are this year’s must-have accessories. If you love this look, it’s important to have a bit of texture in your hair before adding any jewels. A little dry shampoo will help add volume. Then, use your fingers to tousle your hair before pulling it back into a messy bun. Add a few clips around your chignon and, voila! You have an easy and trendy style that boosts volume and thickness, while camouflaging any thinning around your part.

3. The Grown-out Shag

One of the more popular hair styles this autumn is the grown-out version of the shag. With long, side-swept bangs and tousled waves, this hairstyle keeps thinning hair from being weighed down, which can accentuate a lack of volume.

4. The Deep Side Part

Ladies with thinning hair will love that the deep side part is one of the hottest trends this fall. To get this look, simply part your hair on the opposite side for instant lift.

5. The High Ponytail

This season’s look for long hair is the high ponytail. Models and celebrities are wearing their hair slicked back into high ponytails that sit at the crown of the head. By brushing your hair straight back into a high ponytail, any thinning around your part is conveniently hidden.

6. The Updated Bob

The bob is another hair style you can’t go wrong with this fall. To give it an updated look, try wearing it shorter in the back and longer on the sides. Have your stylist include soft layers around your ends so your hair is lighter, bouncier and appears more voluminous.

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