Summer days call for easy ‘dos and simple styles. After all, when the sun’s shining, no matter what you do when the sun comes out, don’t neglect that fabulous hair of yours. You don’t want to waste half your day doing your hair, so something speedy is a must. Luckily, there are plenty of easy styles that will keep you out of your bathroom and into the sun. Say goodbye to spending hours on your hair, and hello to these hot summer hairstyles for short hair.

1. Layered Long Pixie Hairstyle

 Long-layered pixies can be so much fun. This cut can be worn by nearly anyone, young or old. Ask your stylist to add some soft layers and push hair back with a spritz of hairspray.  If you’re ready to ditch the round brush and endless hours of styling your long mane, you might just discover that a long and layered pixie cut can be liberating and still plenty feminine.

2. Short Hair With Bangs

 This timeless cute pixie cut is a great option if you want to have sassy short hair with bangs. The addition of the bangs really draws attention to the eyes. This is a fun cut that looks great even if you decide to forego the bangs option. With its ease of maintenance, it is simple to understand why it is among the best hairstyle ideas for short hair. There are options of side-swept bangs, full bangs, or if you really enjoy taking things to the limit, even a micro-fringe!

3. Side-Swept Long Layered Pixie

 If you want to let your pixie grow wild and do its own thing, it’s better to leave it up to layers. Unlike regular trim, layering doesn’t cut off any of the lengths but gets rid of the extra weight that keeps your hair from looking dynamic and voluminous. Once your long pixie grows long enough, the best way to style it is to sweep it to one side. Such a hairstyle will give your face a nice framing touch while having a modern, versatile look.

Styling tip: If you’d like to apply less heat to your hair, let it air dry with a coat of salt spray. Once you notice your hair is almost dry, tousle it up as much as you can to create an effortless disheveled look.

4. Layered Bob Style

 A layered bob haircut can grant you the look desired by everyone these days. Opt for this cut, and you will appear fresh and rested as if you just spent some luxurious time at a resort. There are many finishes available, which means that you can find the perfect layered bob for your hair type. Overall, layering makes the bob more up-to-date. Plus, these haircuts are not high maintenance.

 Maybe that is why celebs who are often spotted on the red carpet opt for layered bobs. These haircuts offer you a huge variety of styling choices, from sleek to textured and tousled to wavy.

5. Angled Bob Short Hair Styles

 Modern hairstylists point out that an angled bob is quite a versatile haircut. Why? Because you can wear it the way you wish: wavy or straight, sleek or messy, and look chic. And these beautiful shapes that are peculiar to angled bobs can be easily enhanced by various colors.

Styling Tip – To get a bit tousled, carefree look, start with washing your tresses and applying some texturizing product while they are still wet. You can replace the texturizing product with a heat protectant in case you wish this hairstyle to appear more natural and less edgy. Proceed with blow-drying your tresses, styling them with a medium round brush. Finish with a medium-hold hairspray, and you are ready to go.

6. One Length Blunt Style

 Now that minimalism has taken over everything from clothing to short hairstyles for women, the ever-popular blunt bob has gained exceptional popularity. In fact, this cut is the little black dress that will look fabulous on everyone!

 And even though the one-length bob doesn’t feature any sharp angles or dramatic flips, it has a different weapon – the beautifying power. Here’s a hint: this cut stands on top of short hairstyles for thick hair and oval faces. The moderate length and well-leveled body can keep a thick mane balanced, and hence manageable. As for its simple silhouette, it’s actually what can enhance the beauty of oval faces!

7. Super Volume Short Bob Style

 When we look at those Instagram pictures of short hairstyles where every single edge is sharp and defined, they seem to be too divine to recreate. Well, that’s pretty far from the truth! All in all, the biggest perk of short hair is that every girl can create tons of women’s short hairstyles and have salon results.

Styling tip: All you need to do in a salon is to get some volumetric layers for your short stacked haircut. Then, invest in nourishing conditioners and always work with a round brush to get a voluminous and enviable look like this short bob.

8. Subtle Textured Short Hairstyle

 When growing out short hair, you can either put your hair into a bun to hide up the weird grow-out phase or let your creativity run wild! It just so happens that women short hair looks not that attractive as it grows out, but you can fix it with trendy colors and layers. Layering won’t affect the length while giving your locks a nice shape. Plus, you will be able to give it a slightly textured look. Of course, the good old salt spray is key.

9. Short Style With Loose Curls

 If you think that wavy short womens hairstyles are too simple, you’re right to some extent. Waves are indeed simple to style, however, they are anything but plain-looking. Such short female hairstyles can be different: your waves can be sharp and dramatic or loose and messy. Also, they can either follow the same pattern or feature variously styled waves facing different directions.

Styling tip: Whatever type of wave you choose, don’t forget to part your hair in the middle. In this way, you will reveal the face-framing magic of waves.

10. Simple And Trendy: The Best Short Hairstyles

 It’s not a secret that sometimes we are too lazy for complicated hairstyles. The truth is that easy hairstyles can be even more adorable than you expect. Simplicity never fails, remember?

 Two twisted buns with wavy front locks can be a good choice for a lovely walk with your friends. If you are into minimalist style, you can try a simple middle part low bun: it keeps your face open, showing how feminine you are. You don’t have to spend all day looking beautiful, nothing can hide your natural charm.

11. Braided Bob Short Hair Styles

 Just ‘cause you have short hair doesn’t mean you can’t have gorgeous braids for short hair. Even short hairstyles can rock the prettiest of braids! You can also combat the awkward in-between grow-out phase by braiding up your long locks. Don’t forget to incorporate braids into your list of best short hairstyles for a stylish look. Whether it’s a sleek updo braid or a messy braid, both options are appropriate for multiple occasions. Try your short hair braids today!

12. Messy Bob With A Deep Side Part

 Messy silhouettes add more body and life to our hair. Some women even think that they’re salvation for their thin locks, as this messiness makes all the hair troubles less visible.

 Actually, the shorter your hair is, the more attractive it looks: the layers are more textured, waves are more bouncy, and locks are more voluminous. Just look how stunning you can look once you spray your hair with a sea-salt spray. Let it air dry, and style it to the side. Yes, that’s worth a shot.

13. Best Short Hairstyles For Wavy Hair - Lob

 If you have naturally wavy hair or prefer waving it, you can still pull off a shorter cut. Waves will add body and movement to your pretty tresses. Just wash your tresses with a moisturizing shampoo and then condition them as usual. Towel-dry them a bit. Next, apply a curl enhancer – pick the brand you prefer, but it is advisable to use products that also offer heat protection.

 Thus, you will not only wave your tresses but keep them shiny and healthy, as well. Blow-dry your tresses, tousling them with your fingertips. Finish with hairspray, though this step is optional because the curl enhancer normally allows for extra hold.

14. Long Pixie For Thin Hair

 This photo of a pixie must be among our favorites in the cool haircuts category. If you look closely, you’ll see that this pixie also has a 3-dimensional effect due to the seamless, softly added layers.

The flexible length and styling freedom of this pixie make it one of the best short hairstyles for summer. Its styling options allow you to be stylish and sexy, as well as cool and comfortable. Another summer splash is color options that will add a fresh look to your summer cut. To recreate this cute and flirty hairstyle, make sure to use a round brush for every layer you have. The best thing is, the style will take minutes!

15. Twisted Updo Style for Bob Haircut

 When we were saying that a bob haircut is incredibly versatile, we meant it. You can style it in a myriad of different ways. For instance, when you need your hair to look elegant and neat, you can never go wrong with an updo. Not only does it keep your locks in check, but it also opens up your face, thus showing off its beautiful features. To give it an intricate touch, twist the strands inward and secure the ends inside the hairdo. Pull out several strands in front of the face to frame it. And do not forget to spritz the style with hairspray to keep everything in place.

16. Short Hairstyle With Headband

 If you prefer massive accessories, you can try finishing your casual hairstyles with a headband. To tell you the truth, short hair has such a great styling potential that we would get all the accessories possible if we had it our way. Again, apart from holding your style, this detail will make it perfectly fit the colors of your outfit and give some individuality to the look. And last but not least, it’s a good way to add some femininity to your look.

17. Bob With Bang

 Tell us, who doesn’t love a chin-length bob with a bang? This haircut is especially flattering for those who have defined cheekbones and would like to accentuate them. Also, this cut can grant more texture to your tresses.

 You should opt for a chin-length bob in case you would like to enhance movement and add some fullness but without adding curls. Just look at these super hot hairstyles! These color variations appear especially up-to-date. What is more, these looks will be appropriate for a day at the office and also for a night out on the town.

18. Platinum Balayage On A Bob

 If you’ve fought the battle of thin hair, you have most certainly explored lots of options for the best short hairstyles for thin hair. There are several cuts that can volumize your thin hair with just a swipe of the seemingly magical scissors. Not only will you have more volume the texture added to your hairstyle, but you will also transform it in a way you didn’t think was possible.

 These styles may inspire you to head to the salon, and walk out a totally new version of yourself! Which short hairstyle is your favorite?

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