Vacations are around and it’s time to get set and go to the beach. Well, you need to prep your skin and hair up before you step out in the sun. And doing your hair right will save it from tangles and adds up to the look. At the same time, beach hairstyles look perfect when they are messy.

 As you consider what to bring to the beach during your vacation, taking a moment to consider the right hairstyle is very necessary. Your essentials are as equally important as your hairdo and these should be packed as early as possible during your preparation period.


 Whether you are going to an island or just to lounge at the best beaches, we have all the cool beach hairstyles that you would love to try. So, here are super chic beach hairstyles to wear this summer and level up your coolness quotient. Most of them are all easy to do:

I. Permanent Beach Waves

 When you think of beach hair, you probably think of textured loose waves that are usually a result of the saltwater and humidity at the beach. If you want beach-inspired hair all summer long check out if your salon offers a beach wave perm. The loose waves that the beach perm creates last a few months and makes hair easier to maintain while still looking voluminous and stylish!

II. Heart-shaped half updo

 If you are one of those free spirits who love being who they are and enjoy being carefree then this cute “heart style” will add up to your personality. This pretty style is definitely Instagram-worthy and perfect for a special occasion at the beach. The look is completed with loose beachy waves, giving the style a more relaxed and easygoing vibe.

III. Long Wavy Brunette and Honey Blonde Balayage

This long wavy hair look features a brunette base with subtle honey blonde highlights. These honey blonde highlights brighten up this brunette hair look. Gentle, loose beach waves give this hair look an effortless relaxed, lighthearted finished style that is perfect for summer.

IV. Side braids with a loose bun

 A day at the beach doesn’t mean you have to have perfect hair-in fact, we love messy hairstyles for beach day inspiration! Braid a few sections around your head to get your hair out of your face, and then tie the braids in a low bun with the rest of your hair. The look is effortless and cool but takes no time at all.

V. Hassle-free pony with side braids

 This is totally a different yet gorgeous hairstyle to give you a unique look, try this cool look of tight braids on one side of your head. It’s perfect for pulling back some of your hair, while you play in the sun. It also allows you to let the rest of your hair fall in beachy loose waves. Also, the paired sunglasses will complement the look.

VI. Half-done Waterfall Braid

The reverse waterfall braid in open hair will look great on any sunny day. Yes, you need a few hairstyling skills to try this out. But don’t worry, because this video tutorial below will help you grasp the right technique!

VII. Messy Fish Tail

 Fishtail braids are the perfect solution for the beach, especially for long-haired girls who don’t want their hair to blow in the wind or get tangled in the water. This type of braid also delivers a cool crimped look after you take it out. In just a few hours you’ll be sure to have perfect beachy waves.

VIII. Bubble Ponytail

 For a fun twist, try creating the bubble ponytail simply by adding more hairbands throughout your ponytail and pulling your hair slightly to make it loose and messy. This style is an ideal choice for active adventures and chilling near the swimming pool.

IX. Half-Up Braided Style

 While you could just wear your hair in a normal half-up style, why wouldn’t you want to add a little something extra that takes only a few extra minutes? Instead of just pulling your hair together try braiding three sections, and then wrapping the braids around the elastic for an enchanting mermaid look

X. Straw Hat

 Hats are a beach essential-not only do they keep your head and face protected from the sun, but they also look stylish and cute! Big straw hats are on-trend right now, just wear your hair down in loose waves and your stunning beach look is complete.

 Beach days should be all about relaxation and having fun that’s why as much as we love complicated and unique hairstyles, we can still stand behind trendy, effortless beach-inspired looks! Days by the ocean mean we get to experiment with trendy hair accessories and creative approaches to help keep our hair out of our face. Don’t worry though, we aren’t judging if you decide to stick with the classic ponytail, but we hope you’ll try out some of these inspirational styles. What are your favorite beach-inspired looks?

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